Writer’s Market Listings

writer's market listings

Writer’s Market Listings

Seeking a published home for your writing? We have plenty of  paying writer’s market listings available to make it easier for you to find the right publisher for your stories.

Please note that these listings are by no means exhaustive.

The writer’s market listings on this site will all doubtless continue to grow as time for research permits.

Be sure to check the writer’s submission guidelines in full at websites wherever possible. Markets come and go very quickly, requirements change, they sometimes close to submissions, or become overstocked in some areas. Accuracy is not always possible under the circumstances, but we do what we can to keep up-to-date with each marketplace.

If you know of a writer’s market listing we haven’t included, feel free to contact us via email or post your market directly onto our Facebook page. We’ll do our best to share any calls for writing submissions out among the writing community via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and right here on our site.

Best of luck with your submissions!