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  Have You Ever Wondered Exactly What It Would Take to Launch a Profitable Writing Career?

Write Here, Write Now - Exclusive to Fiction Factor Readers!

Every year thousands and thousands of manuscripts are submitted to publishers all around the world. Yet, the vast majority of those manuscripts are rejected! Publishers are simply not taking as many chances on new authors any more.

Knowing that the odds of getting your work into print are dimishing rapidly, is it any wonder that more writers are finding it hard to stay motivated in this cut-throat industry?

That's where we've decided to help you carve out your own unique edge and break free from the ranks of amateur into the realm of paid, professional author.

You see, we didn't want our own careers to stagnate in the ranks of so many other hopeful writers either. So we researched what other professional authors did (and do!) to launch their own writing careers. We asked editors want they prefer to see and what makes them take chances on newer authors.

We also learned the vast differences between the mindset of a hobby writer and a professional, published author.

Then we wrote down everything we learned inside this easy-to-follow guide.

Inside the pages of this unique book, you can...

  • Find out the essential ingredients you need to become a successful author

  • Learn ways to never suffer Writer's Block again!

  • Find thousands of great story ideas in everyday situations

  • Stimulate your Creative Juices

  • Harness the "Prolific Mindset" - the way of thinking that all best-selling authors have mastered.

  • What steps you need to take to increase your productivity

... but that's not all. We'll also delve into the core of the publishing industry and show you how you can...

  • Discover the differences between professional authors and amateur hobby-writers

  • Learn how to write more than ever before!

  • Know when and where to send every manuscript to get a PAID sale every time

  • Find out how professional authors deal with rejection notices - and how to reduce your chances of ever receiving them!

  • Learn to increase your chances of having every manuscript accepted

... and much, much more!

Can you afford to let your writing career stagnate for the next several years? Or would you prefer to beat the odds and increase your chances of launching a profitable writing career today?

Click here now to access our secure server. You can download this ebook instantly and get your writing career on track today!

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Available in PDF Format

This book is jam-packed with exclusive information designed to jump start any writing career and turn a 'hobby' writer into a published author. What are you waiting for? Launch your writing career today.

Order now and watch your writing career take off!


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