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Create a Culture Clinic

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World Building
This section is devoted to articles about creating a realistic fictional world.

World Building 101
by Lee Masterson
We are all masters of our fictional worlds, but how do you create a believable world for your characters to live in?

Ethics of World Building
by Tina Morgan
When creating a fictional world, it is sometimes easy to take a few liberties with reality. Here are some things you should consider.

World Building for Science Fiction and Fantasy
by Tina Morgan
Creating a fictional world can be enormous fun - but it can also be harder than you think!

A Way With Worlds
by Steven Savage
World Creation Column, spanning 52 articles on creating and maintaining a believable fictional world.

Building Blueheart
by Alison SInclair
Excellent essay about creating a realistic, functional water world, complete with eco-systems, life forms, physiology, adaptability and more.


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