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Writer's Websites
This section is devoted to articles on creating and maintaining a writer's website, and what you can do to build your own place on the 'net!

Do You Need an Author Website?
by Dawn Seewer
Do you have a book to sell? do you have a name and a career to promote? Do you want to increase your readership? Then this article is for you!

Ten Top Reasons Authors Need a Web Site
by Judy Cullins
You may think "Why not let other Web sites sell my book?" Here are ten good reasons why you shouldn't.

Creating a Writer's Website: Is It REALLY That Easy?
by Lee Masterson
There's more to creating a writer's website than simply posting some stuff on the 'net.

The Writer's Website - Part One
by Tina Morgan
What perils and pitfalls await the writer who posts some writing on a website? What things should you include? This article looks at creating a writer's website and what you should consider before designing one.

The Writer's Website - Part Two
by Tina Morgan
Designing a website to showcase your work can be exciting - but it can also be more difficult than you think!

The Writer's Website - Part Three
by Tina Morgan
Adding the finishing touches to your website can add a professional touch to your showcase - or it can turn your potential customers away! Here are some things to consider.

The Writer's Website - Part Four - Getting Paid!!
by Lee Masterson
Accepting credit cards for your books is easier than you think! This list of third-party merchant accounts could be just what you need to begin accepting credit cards on your website today!


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