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Terry W. Ervin II
Forum Moderator and Guest Columnist

Terry is an English (and sometimes science) teacher who enjoys writing Fantasy and Science Fiction. On occasion he branches out into Mystery, Horror and Inspirational fiction. If you are a writer (or if you know somebody who is), you know the story: So many ideas balanced against so many responsibilities coupled with so little time. So get to it!

One thing that has enabled Terry to ‘get to it’ (besides his supportive wife) is the Elysian Fields crit group, where he is a founding member and current moderator.

As for writing, Terry is a frequent contributor to Fiction Factor and his fiction has appeared a number of places, including The Sword Review, Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine and MindFlights.

When Terry isn’t working, writing or enjoying time with his family (not necessarily in that order), he can be found in his basement raising turtles. Yep, that’s right, if you aren't already cognizant of the fact, turtles are cool!

To contact Terry or to learn more about his writing, recommended markets and authors, or just ‘stuff’ he finds fun and interesting, visit his website at:

And hey, stop back to Fiction Factor and Terry's writing website often. There's plenty to explore and both are updated monthly.


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