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Writing Tips for Fiction Writers!



Submission Issues
Knowing who and where to send your work to, and in what format is made a little easier in this article listing

Mastering the Dreaded Synopsis - Condensing Your Novel
by Lee Masterson
Writing a synopsis is one of the toughest chores a writer will face. How do you condense a 400-page novel into just 2 or 3 pages? This article will outline some tips to help keep it tight and terrific!

Six Tips for Submitting Fiction - If YOu Want It To Get Published
by Amber McNaught
Knowing how and what to submit - and to whom - can greatly increase your chances of getting published.

Manuscript Formatting
by Lee Masterson
A guide to formatting your manuscript.

Writing the Perfect Query Letter
by Lee Masterson
Writing a letter of introduction to a complete stranger doesn't have to be difficult.

Determining Genre
by Dr. Vicki Hinze
Many how-to articles and books tell authors that they must 'classify' their manuscripts into a specific genre before submitting to an agent or publisher. But how do you go about determining into which genre your book belongs?

Query Letters That Will Knock Their Socks Off!
by Lenore Wright
Outlines how to write a query letter that will make editors beg to see your screen-play!

How to Impress An Editor - And How to Mark Yourself as An Amateur
by Lee Masterson
There are some steps every writer should take to ensure an editor sees him as a professional author - and there are some steps that can mark you as an amateur immediately

Building a Professional Writing Portfolio
by Lee Masterson
Here's how to create a portfolio of professional writing credits - the easy way.

How to Beat the Slushpile
by Lee Masterson
If you have a manuscript to send out, increase your chances of getting out of the slushpile without being rejected.

On Waiting: Suggestions for Writers
by Terry W. Ervin II
You’ve just submitted your short story after several days spent locating the perfect market. Now what do you do? Waiting. It’s often followed by the question: How long should I wait? Then the next question: Wait for how long…until I do what?

Trilogy Synopses (this link will take you to Fantasy Factor)
by Vicki Hinze
How does a writer submit a synopsis for an entire trilogy?

What Are Your Chances Of Getting Published?
by Laura Backes
Most beginning children's writers are curious about their chances of ever seeing their work in print. What are your chances?


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