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Meet the Staff

We've had some people ask who we are and what we do, so we decided to put together a little 'bio' on each of the Fiction Factor staff to help you get to know us better.
The wonderful caricatures of us were drawn by Mary Lacro Mauritz.

Lee Masterson Lee Masterson

Publisher & Editor-In-Chief

Lee is not only the editor-in-chief, but also the webmistress and publisher of the Fiction Factor Group of websites. She is responsible for much of the editorial content for Fiction Factor and is jointly responsible for marketing, new markets research and addition of new articles.

You can read more about Lee

Tina Morgan

Managing Editor

Tina is jointly responsible for marketing and proof-reading much of the editorial copy for Fiction Factor, but most importantly, she heads up our Shark Hunting Team. She also adds to our growing articles collection, and assists with researching new markets.

You can read more about Tina
Tina Morgan
Ciara Grey Ciara Grey

Assistant Editor

Ciara is also jointly responsible for marketing, but she takes charge of our book reviews section, and recently our interviews section, too.

You can read more about Ciara

Terry W. Ervin II

Forum Moderator and Guest Columnist
Terry has the unenviable job of keeping our busy
forum moderated and friendly - and he does a fabulous job. Terry is also a guest columnist from time-to-time, offering great articles that draw on his experience as an English teacher

You can read more about Terry

-- We just liked this extra picture... ;)


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