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Each category links to an index page of available articles about that topic.

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Fiction Sub-Genre Listings

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Science Fiction Sub-Genres
by Lee Masterson

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Romance Sub-Genres
by Lee Masterson

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Fantasy Sub-Genres
by Lee Masterson

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Horror Sub-Genres
by Paula Guran

Writer's Alerts

Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous people out there willing to prey on new writers.

This section is devoted to looking at some questionable practises conducted by some companies, and focusing on things writers should watch out for!

Writing Courses

Genre-Specific writing courses for authors serious about learning their craft.

Horror Courses

Modern Thriller Courses

Mystery Courses

Romance Courses

Fantasy Courses

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Writer's Resources and Links

Writer's Book Store

Writer's E-Book Store

Freelance Factor
Want to be a successful freelance writer? Our free newsletter for freelancers offers you articles, hints and tips plus paying market listings from all over the world.

Short-Fiction Factor
Specifically for writers wanting to write short stories. Offering articles and resources for short fiction writers.

Sci-Fi Factor
Information and articles for writers wanting to write Science Fiction

Children's Fiction Factor
Want to write for kids? Then visit our sister site, Children's Fiction Factor for heaps of great articles and more!

Romance Factor
If you prefer to write romance fiction, then visit our sister site, Romance Factor. Information specifically for romance writers!

Erotica Factor
Ever thought about trying your hand in the lucrative erotic fiction markets? This sub-site contains information specifically for writers of this genre.

Fantasy Factor
If your preference is for writing fantasy fiction, then take a look at our sister site, Fantasy Factor. Information specifically for fantasy writers!

Horror Factor
For those writers of nightmares and fear, horror factor is designed to bring out the best (or worst?) in your scary stories!

Christian Fiction Factor
Dedicated to writers of Christian or inspirational fiction, this site focuses on the Christian Writing arena. - Lee Masterson's 'other' site dedicated to teaching people to take control of their own finances and get out of debt quickly and responsibly. Lee has worked in finance and/or banking for the past 7 years, helping people to control their financial futures!

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Poetry Markets

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Anthology Listings

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E-publisher Listings


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