Orthogonal: Earn $100 for Bizarre Fiction

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Orthogonal: Earn $100 for Bizarre Fiction

Orthogonal wants to see experimental, unusual, original, slipstream, sci-fi, dark fantasy, or bizarre fiction that completely avoids recognizable categories. If you’ve been told by other writers that your story will never get published anywhere, Orthogonal wants to see it.

This is a great opportunity to really take your fiction over the edge and explore what’s beyond those boundaries.

Forget all those boring fiction writing rules you learned in your writing class. Break all the rules. Be ruthless. Take risks. Spare nothing. Leave everything on the floor and light it on fire behind you.

The editor doesn’t accept multiple submissions or simultaneous submissions. Stories should be original unpublished works only – no reprints will be accepted.

The editors require that your initial submission is completely anonymous!


Use a different email address, leave a false name, and remove any identifying information from the manuscript.

You can include a cover letter, but absolutely do NOT include your publication history. The editor doesn’t want to know. If the story is good enough to buy, the editor will ask what your preferences for attribution are at that point.

If your story is accepted, it’s completely up to you whether you want to include your byline, author name, or a false name to show as the attribution when the story’s published. It’s your choice.

So if you want the opportunity to flex your creativity and get your unusual or bizarre fiction published, Orthogonal is waiting for your submission.  The publication will re-open for submissions for a short reading period to flesh out future issues. Check back with the site regularly for updates on future submission re-openings, or follow their Facebook page for updates here: https://www.facebook.com/orthogonalsf/ .

Maximum word count for short fiction should be no more than 5,000 words.

Payment is $100, plus a share of royalties for short fiction stories.

Flash fiction submissions between 100 and 1,000 words are also encouraged, with a flat-rate payment of $30, plus a share of royalties for accepted pieces.

You can view the full writer’s submission guidelines here: http://www.orthogonalsf.net/?p=41



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