Hieronimo’s: Earn $200 for Weird Fiction Stories

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Hieronimo’s is a brand new magazine specializing in weird fiction.

Yes, weird fiction is a real genre. In fact, the term was coined by H.P.Lovecraft.

The goal at Hieromino’s is to create a home for literature of the uncanny and fill a void by creating a paying market specifically for weird tales.

Hieronimo’s is seeking short fiction up to 7,000 words. The editors may consider longer stories, but only if they’re really good. What they’re looking for is weird fiction, stuff like Lovecraft or Poe. The editors are much more interested in literary weirdness than splatterpunk. They want to see truly ambitious, intelligent stories.

They also accept artwork and photography for the site and for the magazine.

No reprints will be accepted. Simultaneous submissions are accepted.

Hieronimo’s pays 3 cents per word for accepted weird fiction stories on publication, plus a complimentary one-year subscription to the magazine. All rights revert to the author on publication. The editors also request further rights to place the story into a future anthology, if one is planned. Payment for artwork and photography will be negotiated at the time of acceptance.

Writers who choose to purchase a subscription to the magazine will also receive a personal critique on their story by the editor.

If you want your weird tale to be a part of the exciting launch of Hieronimo’s new magazine, submit your stories via the submission guidelines available on the website.

You can read the full submission guidelines here: http://www.hieronimos.com/submit/



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