GigaNotoSaurus: Earn $100 for Fantasy and Sci-Fi Short Stories

sci-fi short storiesGigaNotoSaurus: Earn $100 for Fantasy and Sci-Fi Short Stories

GigaNotoSaurus is an online publisher of fantasy and sci-fi short stories seeking submissions of ‘long’ short stories.

The publisher’s goal is to help writers find homes for stories that would otherwise be too long to be published anywhere else. As a result, the publisher has now been publishing one story per month on their website since 2010. Since that time, three of their stories have been nominated for the prestigious Nebula award.

Submissions should be between 5,000 and 25,000 words.

The editors want to see a variety of settings, styles, and backgrounds across the fantasy and sci-fi short stories submitted. Previously accepted short stories are archived on the website, so take a bit of time to read some of them and get a feel for what types of stories and writing styles the editors like.

Payment for short stories is $100 on acceptance.

The publisher asks for first serial rights and non-exclusive, indefinite archival rights. Authors are welcome to request for their story to be removed from the archive in the event that reprint rights are sold elsewhere.

The editors don’t accept reprints or simultaneous submissions. They also won’t accept multiple submissions, preferring authors to submit one story at a time.

You can read the full writer’s submission guidelines here:



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