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Romance Market Listings

Aphrodite Unlaced
Aphrodite Unlaced is now accepting exclusive submissions for publication of sophisticated, romantic erotica. We seek contemporary, historical, mystery and paranormal genres. We do not seek works dealing with aliens, sci-fi, horror (vampires, werewolves) or futuristic fantasy. Selected works will be offered as e-books for individual online purchase and download. We're seeking writers, experienced and new, who can supply some serious HEAT, but within a selective romantic framework. We're looking for provocative tales that are sensual, smart, and above all, sexy.
Submission Guidelines:

Romance and Beyond Magazine
Seeking fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, and other speculative fiction (up to 10,000 words) in which a romantic relationship develops between the hero and heroine. We pay (one-half) cent per word, two free copies of the magazine in which your work appears, and a discount on future orders.

** Currently alytering format to annual anthology collection. Please see siste for more deatails.
Submission Guidelines:

Rose and Thorn Magazine
We look for compelling and thought-provoking fiction within Mainstream/literary, romance, fantasy/scifi, historical etc. Use all aspects of good writing in your stories, including dynamic characters, strong narrative voice, and riveting, original plot. A personable and confident overall tone will ensure you make the first cut toward publication. Pays $5 via Paypal
Submission Guidelines:

What We Look For * Strong, passionate, intelligent characters * Intense sensual tension and situations * Well-defined, well-executed romantic plot that illustrates the mutual relationship between two to four central characters (the romantic unit) and which includes plenty of opportunity for erotic exploration and variety.
Submission Guidelines:

Shades of Romance Magazine
Seeking short stories between 500-1500 words. The short story must focus on the romance, and have an upbeat ending. All genres are considered, including historical, contemporary, paranormal, mystery, regency Futuristic, and Time-Travel. We do not publish erotica. Payment $20 on publication.
Submission Guidelines:

Wild Rose Press
We publish only stories where romance is a strong element and in ALL lengths. This includes short stories. Please read guidelines in full before submitting.
Submission Guidelines:

Woman's World magazine

We buy contemporary romances of 1,100 words. Stories must revovle around a compelling, true-to-life relationship dilemma; may feature either a female or male protagonist; and may be written in either the first or third person. Characters may be married, single, divorced, or widowed; should be down-to-earth (no yuppies or jet-setters); and their dilemma should be poignantly or humorously conveyed. Please think carefully about a story's setting, mood and plot, and tell the story with interesting action and dialogue. (Every sentence, paragraph, and scene of the story should deliver more information about your characters and thei situation and/or briskly advance the storyline.)

We are not interested in stories involving life-or-death matters, nor are we interested in fluffy, flyaway-style romances. When we say romance, what we really mean is relationship--whether it's just beginning or is about to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The emphasis in our stories is on real life--which is why we do not buy science fiction, fantasy or historical.

We pay $1,000 per romance and retain First North American Serial Rights for six months after publication.


Manuscripts should be double spaced in legible size type.

Where to send manuscripts:
Fiction Editor, Woman's World, 270 Sylvan Ave., Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632.

How to send manuscripts: (1) You must include a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope to receive a reply. Manuscripts not accompanies by a SASE will be discarded. Note: A #10 SASE is necessary not just for a response, but for your contract if we purchase your story. (2) Please DO NOT fax or email manuscripts--because such submissions do not include SASEs, we have no means of responding to your submission.

Get to know us: Please familiarize yourself thoroughly with our style before submitting your work.

Be patient: Because we receive a tremendous volume of manuscripts, our turnaround time may range from one to six months. If you still have not heard from us after that time, feel free to re-submit your manuscript. Please do not call or write us to inquire about the manuscript's status.


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