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Diary of a Curtain Twitcher
by: Andy Davie
Review by: Tina Morgan  

Diary of a Curtain Twitcher poses an interesting problem. How can an agoraphobic become entangled in a murder plot when he never leaves his house?

John Joiner is an author whose books sell well enough that he can afford to hire a housekeeper and live quietly in his home on Carpenter's Crescent. From his living room he watches his neighbors go about their lives with the use of some very high tech equipment. Their domestic situations provide the inspiration for his stories. Mr. Davidson, a retired gentleman who spends all of his time gardening becomes a murderer who "buried his wife beneath his favourite rose bush, only to have her rise from her premature grave and exorcise her revenge." In his current work, Mrs. Haversham's compulsive cleaning because a symptom of his character's overall insanity and her bottle of detergent becomes the murder weapon.

When John and his housekeeper, Maria overhear what sounds like a murder plot, John thinks he's been watching his neighbors for too long. He doesn't want to act on the snippet of conversation but Maria can't sit back and allow a murder to take place. She becomes his field agent. What they thought was a simple matter of marital discord becomes far more complicated and dangerous than they ever imagined.

Diary of a Curtain Twitcher is a thrilling look into the life of a not so ordinary novelist. Adventure, excitement and danger force John to face his fears or be destroyed by them. When Maria is caught eavesdropping, can he find a way to overcome his agoraphobia and save her?

At first I thought I would have trouble relating to John and his intense fear of the outside but I was quickly pulled into the story and wanted to know how/if he could rise to the challenge of the overheard murder plot and his growing desire for Maria. The story moves at a quick pace and I had a hard time putting it down.

Andy Davie is a name to watch. Diary of a Curtain Twitcher is his first published novel but it won't be his last. A talented poet and mystery writer, Andy's website is at: www.thejays.nildram.co.uk

Diary of a Curtain Twitcher can be ordered in paperback from the publisher or from Amazon.

Diary of a Curtain Twitcher rates  * * * * 1/2.


Rating Scale:
* * * * * = Un-put-downable, excellent reading!
* * * * = Good value, interesting reading.
* * * = Had potential, but could have been better.
* * = Slow, difficult to read, could have been improved.
* = Imminently forgettable.


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