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Twilight Crossings
by: Jeanne Allen, Jeanine Berry, Shannah Biondine & Sheri McGathy
Review by: Tina Morgan  

Time for a confession. Until just a few years ago I was very timid about trying new authors. My pleasure reading time was limited so I looked for the same few authors I enjoyed as a teenager. However, when I started reviewing books for Fiction Factor I realized I needed to become a little more adventuresome. I'm glad that I did. Otherwise I would never have read Twilight Crossings, a romantic fantasy anthology.

The combined effort of Jeanne Allen, Jeanine Berry, Shannah Biondine, and Sheri L. McGathy, Twilight Crossings is a delightful journey into new worlds and new loves. The stories are well written and kept me reading from my computer screen far longer than I normally would.

The authors do an excellent job of building their fantasy worlds in less than 30,000 words. The characters are well developed and strong. I found myself entranced by the conflicts and cheering for the protagonists to overcome the obstacles they faced.

Isadora tells the story of one young woman's thirst for knowledge and her desire to rebel against her authoritarian world. Witnessing a witch burning at a very young age, Isa knows the risk of being "different" in her post-apocalyptic society. When a stranger comes to town she finds a soul mate who shares her desire for knowledge, but who dares not reveal his true nature. How will the elders respond if she follows her heart? Will she pay with her life?

Beyond Earth's boundaries and into a realm of mixed races from distant worlds lies the setting for Twin Star. Along with several other women, Sonneret, a former slave, is brought before Ehereon, the ruler of Arth so that he might chose a new Lifemate. She hopes he will find her alien features too repulsive and send her home but her wishes are denied and she is entangled in court intrigue. She discovers the only way to save her people from annihilation is to win the heart of Ehereon.

Few fantasy stories are able to travel back in time to the old west as well as Eidolon. Stepping away from the standard female protagonist, Biondine tells the story of Haggerty, a club-footed young man "smitten" by the new "costumer" in town. But Azubah is playing a game with ancient beginnings and high stakes. (As a dedicated Louis L'Amour fan, I was impressed by this story's western theme. It was strong and the characters were believable.)

Theif of Dreams takes the reader back to medieval earth with a story of passion and jealousy. Nerys has been promised to Gerard Regan but her heart belongs to Cody O'Neal, son of a lesser noble. However, Lord Devi is a loving father and he grants Nerys a year to decide which man she will marry. Thwarted in his plans to expand his lands and own the Lady Nerys, Gerard plots a terrible vengeance on Cody. Nerys must find the courage to risk all to save her beloved not only from Gerard but the faery folk as well.

Twilight Crossings is a delightful anthology filled with believable characters and interesting challenges. Currently available in e-book with Double Dragon E-books and in print from

Twilight Crossings earns a * * * * 1/2.

Rating Scale:
* * * * * = Un-put-downable, excellent reading!
* * * * = Good value, interesting reading.
* * * = Had potential, but could have been better.
* * = Slow, difficult to read, could have been improved.
* = Imminently forgettable.


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