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Anyone can write a book - but it takes something special to create a best-seller
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Write, Create and Promote a Best-Seller!
A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Best-Selling Book

By Lee Masterson

Reviewed by Susan Reno-Gilliland

Lee Masterson has taken all of the components of writing – from the business and creative angles – and categorized them neatly into an e-book that should be in everyone’s writing reference library. The concise way each point is presented, yet with enough background to make each point fully understandable and easy to follow, makes the book an easy read, not some technical chore to muddle through.

Although subtitled “a step-by-step guide,” this isn’t some type of formula book. On the contrary, Masterson has created more of a “blueprint,” allowing for plenty of leeway and inspired alterations to fit each writer’s individual needs. In addition to guidelines for writing a book itself, there is also plenty of information and links to assist in creating a website, opening a merchant’s account, building a target audience, and the fine art of promoting the finished product.

By breaking down each topic under specific headings and shorter chapters, each topic takes on a stronger meaning and can be analyzed more fully before moving on to the next topic. And, by laying out each topic in the order it is written, the evolution of a book unfolds in the proper manner and order that is needed to see it take shape and develop at the pace necessary to achieve the propulsion of the material from the first letter of the first chapter to its conclusion and the last punctuation mark.

The information that is packed into the pages of this e-book is astounding in that it is so profound, yet so simple to understand and implement. Masterson has taken the guesswork out of the process by breaking down the course of action into components that are manageable and progressive. The research has been done for you – now all you have to do is implement what you learn from this book and watch your project come to life right before your very eyes. There’s nothing to stop you from writing that best seller now but you!


About the Reviewer:

Susan Reno-Gilliland is a writer and photographer. She has been published in numerous print and on-line publications, and is a senior columnist at backwash.com. Her writings range from book reviews and interior design articles, to fiction, non-fiction and personal essays.


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