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  Review of "Atlanta Nights"
by Travis Tea
Review by Lee Masterson

"Don't annoy science fiction writers"
- John M Scalzi

When I first opened the science fiction ebook "Atlanta Nights", I already had a wicked idea in my head of what to expect. In fact, Mr. Tea's new ebook has been causing quite a stir throughout the writing community of late.

Somebody had, indeed, annoyed some science fiction writers - and they struck back with a vengeance.

With so many predisposed thoughts about the contents, I still found myself laughing helplessly at not only the ridiculously BAD content, but also at the sheer genius behind the idea.

You see, Travis Tea is not a "person", but rather a pseudonym created by 5 very talented (and very published) science fiction authors, who banded together to create Atlanta Nights and submit the completed work to Publish America with every intention of getting the book published.

With the firm intention of breaking every 'rule' of writing, Travis Tea wrote a completely unprofessional, unpublishable work of science fiction - and had it "published" by PublishAmerica. Obviously, the book was written well enough and professionally enough to meet PublishAmerica's high quality standards.

Written minus plot, theme, characterization, continuity, grammar, punctuation, logic - or even a modicum of sense (see Chapter 34) - the book is a testament to the work pumped out by publishing houses of dubious repute.

Admittedly, the book is a valuable learning tool for most writers. I personally learned much about writing and the publishing industry from reading both the book and the various reviews for it on the Internet.

You can read more reviews here:

Before downloading your own copy of Atlanta Nights, I highly recommend that you read the reviews shown on the above links.

This book stands out as an exceptional example for writers of what NOT to do! For its sheer learning value and its amazing comedic value, I highly recommend downloading your free copy today.
Atlanta Nights rates
* * * * *

You can download your free copy here:
Right click on the link above and select "save target as". Save the file to your desktop - then double click on the new file to open it
(p.s. flip forward to chapter 34. Don't worry - it won't spoil the story for you. I know I spat cola at my monitor from laughing so hard, so you've been warned)


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