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Welcome to our growing list of FREE Ebooks. We will be adding to this list often, so check back soon to see if there are any new additions you might have missed.

This page contains mostly ebooks on marketing and increasing your sales.

Unleashing the Idea Virus
by Seth Grodin

A great marketing tool, Unleashing The Idea Virus explains the logic of word-of-mouth advertising and how you can get it working for you. Available in PDF format.
How To Spread The Word-Of-Mouse
by Peggy Tibbetts

Word-of-Mouse serves as a mini-reference for writers interested in learning, linking, and exploring sites for self-promotion and self-education.

Magic Letters
This free ebook will teach you how to write so people buy now! Learn the irresistible words that draw the readers attention to your ad. Learn how to write with a magnetic force so powerful people read every word. Perceived values: The art of making your product look like it's worth 20 times what you're charging for it. Learn all of these powerful techniques and so much more.


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