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Promotion and Marketing
This section is devoted to articles about increasing readership and book sales by effective marketing and promotional strategies.

How to Get Celebrity Endorsements
by Penny C Sansevieri
Often, a 'blurb' from a celebrity can be just the push a reader needed to buy a book - and that book could be yours! So how to you get celebrities to endorse your book?

How to Get From Midlist to Best-Seller List!
by Katherine Sutcliffe
Best-selling, award winning author Katherine Sutcliffe gives us some advice on moving up from Midlist author to Best-Selling author - and how you can do it too!

Novel Ways to Promote Your Novel
by Patricia Fry
Promotion doesn't have to be all about what everyone else does - you can try some novel ideas to still get the word out about your book!

Promotional Countdown Checklist - Part One
by Lorna Tedder
When to do what, starting at 12 months before publication.

Promotional Countdown Checklist - Part Two
by Lorna Tedder
When to do what, starting at 5 months before publication.

Top 20 Marketing Tips!
It's not always the best-written book that makes it to the top of the best-seller lists, it's often the best-marketed!
With that thought in mind, I asked the following question of the members of some popular writing communities:
The-Write-List and Earthly Charms Promotions. Their answers could help you on your way to a best-seller!

More Marketing - Creating Sales
by Lee Masterson
Before you embark on your self-publishing venture, create, plan and implement your book's "marketing strategy". Know how and where you're going to sell your books before you write them.

What Makes One Book Outsell Another?
by Judy Cullins
Wouldn't you rather write a book that sells well than be stuck with unsold inventory? When you plan ahead with these tips, you will sell thousands rather than hundreds books

The Missing Links to Successful Authorship
by Patricia Fry
So what are the missing links? What are the steps an author should take after placing of the last period on his manuscript and before signing a publishing contract?

Sell More Books With a Powerful Back Cover
by Judy Cullins
Your book's front cover and sizzling title must impress your buyers in four
seconds. If they like it, they will spend eight seconds on your back cover-a
great opportunity to convince them that your book is necessary for their
success. Does your back cover pass the test?

How to Spread the Word-of-Mouse
by Peggy Tibbetts.
Learn how to increase your book sales, and your readership at the same time with this article. Peggy is a Contributing Editor for Writing World and WP World Muse.

Self Promotion - Online Marketing
by Lee Masterson
Building a website and saying "Buy my book" isn't going to help your work reach the best-seller lists. But you can bring your work to the attention of the online communities easily, and increase your sales at the same time.

Self Promotion - Offline Marketing
by Lee Masterson
Putting your work out into the public eye is easier than you think, and doesn't need to cost a fortune. Here are some tips to get you started.

40 Ways to Make Your Book-Signing an EVENT!
by Larry James
Tips and hints to make any book signing a success!

Promoting Your Book Online
by Moira Allen
Promoting your book online can be a relatively simple task, as long as you know where you're headed. Moira is the ex-managing editor of the now-defunct Inkspot/Inklings, and currently the managing editor of Writing-World.com

Distributing Self Published Books
by Richard Hoy
There is an unspoken belief that books must be distributed according to traditional styles in order to be successful. Richard shows us that this concept is not necessarily true!

A Book Promotion's Key Elements for Maximum Publicity
by Dr. Lorna Tedder
Give your books the maximum possible exposure with this checklist from an award-winning author.
Dr. Lorna Tedder is a best-selling author who routinely shares her writing and marketing expertise at national writers' conferences, online, and through her writing guides.

Will Your Book Sell on the Web?
by Greg Spence.
Try this 16-point checklist to see if your book will sell on the web. Greg Spence is the editor and publisher of the Get Published e-zine.

Selling Your Book to Independent Bookstores
by Rob Finkk
Get your books directly into the stores with this helpful guide

The Pros at the Cons: An Author's Guide to Surviving a Convention
by Tee Morris
Conventions can be a lot of fun and a great to get the word out on the streets and your work into readers' hands - but how does an author survive at one?

The Language of Freelance Marketing
by Mridu Khullar
Do you know which rights are yours? Do you know what editors want to see when submitting? Mridu offers a checklist of important things to keep in mind when submitting your writing.

Bookstores Are Terrible Places to Sell Books
by Fern Reiss
The margins are low—you gross less than $4.50 on every $10 book. You get crummy display space—just the spine of your book shows. And let’s face it—the competition is awful.

Entrepeurial Writers, I'll Bet You Didn't Think of This
by Chris Willits
Marketing your writing online can come in many flavors. But here is a radical idea for you to consider that most people have never heard of...

Determining Genre
by Vicki Hinze
Here's the dilemma: Your novel crosses the boundaries of two genres. Who decides in which genre your book should fit?

How to Sell More Books & Get Your Publisher Active
by Bill Platt
Many publisher won't even take notice of a new author until after he has some proven book sales behind him. Bill looks at some cheap, effective ways to get those sales rolling!


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