Anyone Can Write a Story

But it Takes Something Special to Write Great Short Fiction - and Then Sell it for Cash!

Have you ever wondered why some writers seem to sell any story they write, while others seem to collect rejection slips?

Do you know what makes an editor
buy one short story over another?

Is it possible to earn a decent
income by selling short stories?

Are you still trying to find a way to get your stories
published and onto those shelves, in front of readers where they belong?

Is there a quicker, more lucrative way to
establish your writing career than waiting years and years to finish a novel?

Dear Fellow Author,

A few short years ago, I was asking myself many of those same questions. I wanted to know how I could get my foot in the publishing 'door'. I was curious about how I could get my own books to sell well, and how I could get readers to recognize my name as being synonymous with an author they could trust.

I also wanted to know what I could do to improve my writing to such a degree that editors would
never consider rejecting my stories.

That's when I learned that editors love to see submissions from writers who have already had short fiction published in other publications!

You see, for more than two years, I studied what the editors wanted and what kinds of stories they would accept. I interviewed editors and agents to learn about their likes, dislikes and preferences. I asked magazine publishers and feature editors what made them buy the stories they chose. I attended conventions and seminars, trying to figure out why some authors could sell anything they wrote and others just kept collecting rejection slips.

What I learned surprised me!

In fact, I think it will surprise you, too. You see, it is true that almost anyone can write a story - but it really does take something special to turn that story into a paid publication credit that you can add to a professional author's bio to further your career!

Tamara Anatolievna, Texas, USA writes:
I had been struggling to get an editor interested in my novel for two years. But after I'd read Lee's book about selling short fiction, I took her great advice about how and what I should submit. I wrote and sold four short stories in just a month. Once I'd added those publishing credits into my cover letter, my novel sold straight away! Thanks Lee!

Yvonne McSherry of Glasgow, Scotland writes:
I'd always thought nobody bought short stories anymore. I considered writing them was a waste of time and so I concentrated on my novels. That was until I received a check for $2,000 for one short story! I've since learned it's easy to make thousands of dollars by selling and re-selling short stories all over the world! It's just so easy. Now editors stand up and take notice when I send novel manuscripts to them. This book really opened my eyes about my writing career.

This manual was created to help you turn launch your 'hobby' into a
lucrative, full-time writing career.

This step-by-step manual will show you:

  • Where to find endless story ideas
  • Where to being writing your story
  • Plotting and creating your story
  • Editing and polishing your work to a professional standard
  • How to make sure your reader is 'hooked' after the first two paragraphs
  • How to present and submit your work professionally

And that's not all!
Once your story is written, you'll want to know where to go next. I've also included information about the following things:

  • Submitting your story to paying publications
  • Copyrighting your work
  • How to get an editor to accept your work
  • Finding your target audience
  • How to increase your sales - and your profits!
  • How to build a professional writing portfolio
  • How to take your career from short fiction to best-selling author

Here's what some people are already saying about this book:

Raelene Disley of Edwardstown, South Australia writes:
Thank you, Lee! I'd never before considered expanding my writing career to include selling short stories. Now I know how easy it is, my writing income has never been better. Thanks again!

M. Donohue of Maryland, USA writes:
Thank you! You have a very engaging 'voice' that makes even a "how-to manual" fun to read. Thanks!

Beth Morrow, from Writer2Writer ezine writes:
Part instruction, part writing exercises and all helpful knowledge, Lee Masterson's latest offering is a wonderful offering to writers everywhere. Whether you're interested in getting started in short story writing or looking to market the short stories you've finished, Short Fiction That Sells and Short Fiction Markets provide excellent advice and great guidance as you pursue publication.

By now, you might be thinking "
Oh sure, every How-To book includes those things." That's where I've gone a step further and included information specifically for authors who want to succeed. You see, writing a short story is only half the battle. You'll need to know how and where to send your work once it's finished!

That's why I also included a whole section that
delves into the very core of story-market research. In fact, this manual was designed so that almost anyone can write a great story AND sell it to a paying publisher just by following the easy steps.

Here's what else you'll learn:

  • Word lengths editors prefer
  • Alternative places to send your short fiction to increase your income and your readership
  • How to edit your stories to a professional standard
  • How dialogue in short fiction is vital
  • Incorporate conflict successfully to increase your chances of publication
  • Use short story sales to increase your chances of attracting an agent
  • Know which point of view to use for what story
  • ...and much, much more!

Can you afford to spend your valuable time writing stories that you might never sell?

Or would you rather get your writing career up and running so that you can focus on the important side of things - writing more!

Here's What You'll Get:

"Writing Short Fiction That Sells" the best-selling ebook that's helped thousands of authors just like you launch and establish writing careers all over the world.


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