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No one goes through Office Supplies like a writer does

You&rsquore a writer by trade and being a writer is a unique combination of artist and small business owner.  You have to pursue your need to be creative, to put words on paper; unfortunately, you also have to assume the responsibility of running your own business, right down to ordering in Office Supplies.

If there&rsquos one profession that&rsquos guaranteed to consume supplies like pens, paper, laser toner, envelopes and Copy Paper, it&rsquos writing.  Think of all the proposals, drafts and query letters you send off and then think about how much money you spend just keeping yourself equipped to carry out these tasks.  We&rsquove been reading about the paperless office for decades now, but any writer knows that this is still a long way from reality.

Every hour you aren&rsquot writing is an hour where you won&rsquot be making money; and any distraction means additional time wasted in picking up where you left off, then trying to get back into the writing frame of mind.  It&rsquos in your best interest to avoid making unnecessary trips that take you away from your computer.  So the next time you realize that you&rsquore running low on Staples, don&rsquot shut everything down to hop in the car and drive over to a store to replenish your supplies.  Simply use your browser to pull up Shoplet.com, the web&rsquos leading e-marketplace for Discount Office Supplies.  Shoplet.com has been providing leading edge customer service to millions of small business operators since 1994.  Unlike brick and mortar retailers, Shoplet.com doesn&rsquot have to worry about limited shelf space.  With 90 warehouse locations countrywide, an exceptionally wide range of products is stocked; in excess of 200,000 items, including those hard to find things that most stores simply don&rsquot carry.  Whether you need a notebook or Avery Labels, you will find what you need and at prices that save you anywhere from 15% to 30% off of typical retail prices.  The extensive warehouse network ensures that delivery is next day to most major centers; and on orders over $45, it&rsquos also free.

Shoplet.com also offers powerful online tools like eProcurement that make it easy for small businesses to manage their account, budgeting and ordering of supplies.  Writers are notoriously reluctant to tackle mundane tasks like accounting, but using these free tools can help any author to run his or her small business much more effectively.


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