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Novel Writing Secrets Revealed:

Do You Want To Write A Novel But Don’t Know Exactly What You Need To Do To Get That Novel Written?

Listen to a best-selling and award-winning novelist's answer to this question:

“Novel writing isn't as easy as painting by numbers, but Andrea has come as close as you can possibly get to making it that simple.  She has created a novel writing system that leads you step-by-step from initial idea through writing a manuscript draft, rewriting it and preparing the query and synopsis you need to submit it.  Andrea's book teaches you the essential elements of plot, character, setting, and pacing, and she teaches you how to develop all of these elements in a way that makes putting your novel together as much of a breeze as writing a novel can be.

“As the author of 37 books, including 33 novels, I can tell you that the most important part of writing a novel is knowing your characters well and setting up your story in a way that keeps the reader intrigued the whole way through.  Andrea's system helps you to do this.  I wish I'd had this system back when I first started writing.  Even after 37 years of writing and doing quite a lot of teaching--I still learned some new tricks when I read her system.” 

Margaret (Meg) Chittenden
Best-selling author of 37 books


Most people just talk about writing a novel.

Very few will actually do it.

A Novel Quiz:

Answer yes or no to these questions:

Have you always wanted to write a novel?

Do you talk to your family, friends, and even total strangers about the great idea you have for a novel?

Do you talk about the characters you want to create? 

Do you pick up books at the bookstore and wish your name was on the cover? 

Do you squirm when you look at the bestseller’s list because you’d like to see your name there, and you know you haven’t even written a novel yet? 

Do you then think you don't have what it takes to write a whole novel?

Have you started a novel already but you’ve stopped working on it because you became overwhelmed by the task?  Are you having trouble getting yourself to work on it? 

Are you having trouble getting yourself to work on a novel you already started?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you have a novel inside you just begging to get out.If you answered yes to more than three of the questions, that novel is POUNDING on the door of your psyche, desperate to be released into the world!

Don't feel bad if you haven't started or finished the novel you want to write.  You're in good company.  Thousands of people are walking around with a novel inside of them.  Letting that novel can seem like a massive task.

Maybe you finished a novel but it’s not as good as you’d like it to be.  Maybe you’ve tried to sell a novel and haven’t been able to. 

Are you confused?  Frustrated?  Discouraged?  Disappointed in your lack of progress?  Thinking of giving up?  Or worse, are you so confused about what to do that you're convinced you shouldn’t even try?

From the desk of author Andrea Rains Waggener, novelist

Dear Writer,

If I had a dime for every person who has said to me, “I’ve always wanted to write a novel,” I’d be so rich I wouldn’t need to worry about when my royalty checks are coming.  It seems like nearly everyone has an idea for a novel.

Do you?

I bet you do have a great idea for a book.  And I bet you’d love to turn that idea into a great story that could be a bestseller someday. But how do you go from idea to finished manuscript?

Writing a novel can be a tough, confusing-job if you don’t have the right knowledge and mindset.  It’s especially hard when you have a life to live.  You know what I mean…you have a job, maybe a marriage, kids-lots of obligations.  Even if you have a great idea for a novel, when you finally get a few minutes to sit down and try and work on it, how much can you really get done?

You’ve been there, right?  You and the blank page.  It’s daunting, isn’t it? 

How many times have you sat down to write and then not been able to produce a word?

Don’t feel bad.  That’s normal.  The problem is that you’re putting too much pressure on yourself.

And the problem is that you’re trying to get to your destination (a completed novel) without a map.  Would you try and drive across the country without a roadmap?  I doubt it.

So why try and write a novel without a map?

If you want to write a novel, you need a plan. The better your plan, the easier writing the novel will be. I can teach you how to make that plan. 

In the Novel Writing Made Easy System, I guide you through making such a great plan that your novel will practically write itself.  (Okay-maybe it won’t write itself…but it will be a lot easier than just sitting down to the blank page without a plan.)

“I have played around with other forms of novel writing courses that were ok, I suppose, but I never really got much out of them. They were good programs, particularly the novel writer's workshop from Writer's Digest Magazine. But until I purchased your Novel Writing Made Easy System, I was never really enthused with the possibility of actually writing a novel. After completing the first few chapters and producing a bevy of ideas with the "what if" and "Why" questions, I started to become really psyched. So when I got the chance to purchase your How To Become a Writer Extraordinaire, I put the Novel aside temporarily.

I now am journaling and doing at least 1 15 minute timed writing and have garnered even more good ideas as a result. In a couple of weeks I will complete the Writer Extraordinaire course and will turn my full attention to the novel writing course once again. I am very happy to have stumbled onto Ande Waggener's writing courses.
--Richard Kershaw,
Freedom, Maine

“Hi Andrea I bought your ebook about writing novels, and I'm crazy about it. For years I've talked about writing a novel (I'm a writer, but do books about computing and the Internet), but I didn't dare to actually start writing the novel. I kept thinking my ideas were too bad, that I could never write a whole book etc. Now, thanks to your book and your weekly writing tips, I've just started receiving, I've actually started to write, and I'm going through with the project! Thanks for all your help!
--Britt Malka,
Loire Valley,

Which are you - talker or author? If you would rather finish and sell a novel that gets you a nice advance and royalties than you would simply talk about writing an imaginary novel that gets you nothing but something to dream about, you’ve come to the right place.

The Novel Writing Made Easy System: Novel Writing Made Easy-How To Plan A Novel That Practically Writes Itself and Novel Writing Made Easy-How To Plan A Novel That Practically Writes Itself-The Taskbook is the Writing System for you!


When I first started writing, I knew I needed a good plan to write a good novel.  I tried several plans-ones I got from books, ones I got from writing courses.  But it wasn’t until I came up with my current novel writing plan, on my 6th novel manuscript, that I finally wrote a book that was good enough to sell.  And not only was it good enough to sell, it was good enough to sell to one of the biggest publishers in the world! Though I hadn’t been able to sell the previous novels, I sold this sixth book to Bantam Dell for a well above-average advance.  I finally had a plan that worked.

Now I want to share that plan with you.  I want you to know how to go from idea to finished novel in a step-by-step way that makes the process fun and doable for even the busiest person.  You deserve to be successful novelist

Imagine making your first novel sale.  Then another.  And another.  Picture your name on the cover of a published novel.

Close your eyes for just a second and feel how excited you’ll be the first time you get an advance check in the mail.  Or how about a royalty check?  Can’t you just smell the ink of all those great numbers typed on a check made out to you?  Visualize yourself depositing that check in the bank.  Doesn’t that feel wonderful?

Do you want to know how to write the kind of novel manuscript that will bring check after check your way?  Are you ready to learn how to plan your novel so writing it will be more fun than you ever thought it would be?

If so, I’m going to make it as easy for you to learn what you need to learn as I possibly can.  How?  By sharing with you everything I have learned and applied to write novels that sell to large publishers like Bantam.  I’m going to teach you the secrets of EASY Novel Writing!

I’m going to give you a system so simple to follow that it will eliminate any confusion or disappointment you've been feeling and instantly jump-charge your creativity.  It will put you in the novelist’s mindset and keep you there.  It will give you a such a firm foundation for your novel that you’ll have a sort of writer’s security blanket that will help say goodbye to any doubt you have about your ability to actually write a book.

Do you think you have to have some kind of special skill to write a good novel? Do you think that skill is beyond you?

The reason you think this way is that you’ve never had the process of writing a novel broken down for you into manageable, steps that anyone can do.  You’ve never been given the do this, then do that, then do this, method of novel writing.  I can give you that method.

Who am I that I can teach you to plan and write your manuscript?

I am the author of three published books:

-- Alternate Beauty - (Bantam 2005) 

-- Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise-Fifty-two Life-changing Lessons for the Twenty-first Century - (Hazelden 2005) 

--  Dog Parenting-How to Have an Outrageously Happy and Well-adjusted Canine - (Adams Media Corp., 2006)

Because of my writing success, I have been a guest on numerous radio shows.  I’ve also appeared on Fox News Network’s, Fox & Friends and the Pacific Northwest TV shows, Northwest Afternoon and Being In Seattle.  In addition, my books have received coverage in newspapers like The Seattle Post-Intelligencer and in national magazines like Fitness and Shape.

Not only am I a successful author, I’m also a teacher.  Before I became a writer, I was an attorney, and I taught legal writing at the University of Puget Sound Law School.  My teaching was done primarily one-on-one.  I provided my students with lessons on structure and grammar, and then I worked with them privately, providing them with gentle but honest feedback to help them improve.  I also have taught writing workshops and online writing courses.

Here’s what people have to say about the guidance I can offer:

“I have wanted to write my novel for the past several years, but could never get myself past the first chapter despite numerous false starts and enrollment in a locally popular writing workshop. Ande’s correspondence course opened my eyes to what it really takes to write a novel, by providing a structured planning process that has helped me flush out much more clearly what it is that I want to write about, and the best way to go about telling my story.  Until taking Ande’s writing course, I had never been able to collect my thoughts or organize them in a particularly cohesive manner. Her assigned tasks have helped me build a solid foundation for writing my novel, by pushing me to think through the overall geometry of my novel very carefully so that everything fits together in the end - compelling storyline, interesting characters, and underlying message.    
   As a talented and published author herself, Ande not only provides invaluable practical advice on how to tell an interesting story that will keep your readers entranced, but she also teaches how to put together a novel that will actually get published. I would highly recommend Ande’s on novel writing system to any aspiring writers who are looking for a practical yet highly motivating novel writing system that you can follow at your own writing pace.
--Sandra Shih,
New York, New York

“Andrea Rains Waggener is one of the most inspirational teachers I have known.  I've always been an optimistic person, but her columns and books have made me look much more closely at what I do and why I do it, and how I could do it better.  Her talks have sent me home ready to tackle jobs I've put off, and writing I didn't think I could do.  I admire her tremendously.”
--Meg Chittenden,
Lakewood, Washington

“Andrea is a master at conveying concepts that are easy to understand and use. And she does this in a way that is . . . dare I say it? . . . FUN!  She tells stories from her own experience that you, the student, can truly relate to. And suddenly, you discover that she's drawn you to a place of understanding something extraordinarily important and valuable. And given you sensible tools and practices.
   I encourage you to read everything by Andrea Rains Waggener that you can get your eyes and/or hands on.”
--Sandra Lee,
Licensed Massage Practitioner
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

“Ande’s writing tools and tricks have provided a real boost to my writing.  Before learning and applying her suggestions and recommendations, I wasn’t taking my writing seriously.  Now I not only write on a regular basis, I enjoy it!  And, with Ande’s help, I finished an e-book that’s selling well on the Internet.  I’m making money from my writing for the first time, thanks to Ande!”
--Nancy Eltrich,
Hoquiam, Washington

Like I said, novel writing is tough work.  It can be so overwhelming to undertake writing a novel that it’s easy to give up.  In order to keep going, you need the right information provided in easy step-by-step pieces so you can easily take action each day.  And you need guidance and inspiration.  The Novel Writing Made Easy System will give you both the right information AND the guidance and inspiration you need to get your novel written and eventually get it sold.

I sure wish I’d had the help I’m offering you with this novel writing system when I first started my novel writing efforts.  When I started writing novels, I did my learning piecemeal.  I read books on plotting, books on characters, books on settings, books on research.  I got a lot of knowledge from those books, but I didn’t know how to put the knowledge together in a way that actually produced a good novel.

So I winged it.  I wrote novels by the old trial-and-error method. I tried a little of this.  And a little of that.  Some of what I tried seemed to work. Most didn’t. 

It wasn’t until I put all the knowledge together in a cohesive way that gave me a step-by-step blueprint for creating a novel that I was able to write a great book. If I’d had access to a published author’s proven system for writing a novel years ago, I’m sure I would have sold my first book sooner. 

How long do you want to wait before you learn a novel writing system that works? Wouldn’t you rather get professional writing help now so you can start writing your way to a completed novel that you can sell for a nice big advance check?

So how about it?  Do you want to learn how to plan your novel?  Do you want to finally stop talking about it and start writing it?

Now, I know that some authors who sell novel writing books promise that you can write a novel in 30 days if you follow their system.  I’m not going to make such an outrageous (and false) promise. The truth is that if you have a life (and most of us do), it will take longer than 30 days to write your novel.

I have planned, written, and polished a 500-page novel in 60 days, though, using the system I teach in the Novel Writing Made Easy System. Sixty days isn’t bad, is it?  And I wrote a 900-page novel that required massive amounts of research into quantum physics and other complex science in six months.

If you waste your time and money on books that promise a fast novel or if you don’t do anything at all, what will you have in 60 days or six months? Nothing good.  Just more confusion and disappointment. 

Wouldn’t you rather take effective action that will put you on the road to a publishable novel?

This is what you’ll get when you buy the Novel Writing Made Easy System:

 1.  A 184-page manual packed with all the information you need to easily plan and write a novel editors will jump at the chance to publish.  This book will lay out everything you need to know about plotting, characters, setting, research, pacing and scene structure, getting the writing right, and preparing for submission to agents and editors.  You will learn

 How to put together a novel planning binder - you’re going to want all your novel plan information at your fingertips.  I’ll teach you how to organize it in a way that makes it a breeze to use while you’re writing your novel.

 How to brainstorm your way to a great plot - many writers get stuck at the idea point because they don’t know how to turn an idea into a full plot.  You’ll learn the process of expanding an idea into a story big enough for a novel.

 The most important question you’ll need to ask over and over again to create a great plot - you can tap into an amazing creative power when you learn to ask this question in the right way and the right number of times.

 The essential ingredient to every good novel - if your novel doesn’t have this, it will be boring, and it will never sell.

 How to fill your novel with what your readers are starving for - readers read so they can escape, and they want to be compelled to turn pages.  You’ll learn how to give your readers what they want.

 What to hold back from your readers in order to keep them hooked - if you don’t know this trick, your readers won’t finish your book. 

 The most important trick you need to know to create great characters - characters that aren’t built around this technique are flat and uninteresting.

 An easy way to make your characters so real that people will either love them or hate them, but they won’t forget them - compelling characters are the cornerstone of bestselling books-you’ll get a plug-in system for creating the kind of compelling characters you need for a great novel.

 The perfect balance of great characters - give your readers too much about your character, and you bore them.  Give them too little, and you bore them.  Learn how to get it just right.

 How to avoid the BIG mistake that many writers make with settings - get this wrong, and your novel will be branded as amateurish.

 The fun way to get your readers excited about your novel setting - do this, and your readers will love you for it.

The easy way to bring your scenes to detailed, rich life - you’ll learn how to get rich detail in every place that you have in your novel.

 How to figure out how much research you need to do - like with characters-do to much, and you bore your reader.  Do too little, and your story is flat and you look stupid.  Avoid this at all costs.

 The easy way to plan your research - when you know exactly what questions you need answered, it’s easier to answer them.

 Cool tricks for finding the information you need - sometimes the answers you need can be hard to get-learn where to look.

 What is pacing and how can you make yours perfect - a book without this element is a poorly written book. 

 What every scene in your book needs - get this wrong and editors will reject you so fast your head will spin.

 How to organize your scenes so writing your novel is almost like paint by numbers - make your novel writing almost as easy as just filling in blanks.

 How to create a scene card and a scene card file filled with the perfect material for your potentially bestselling novel - a good novel needs a great foundation.  Use this method to build the foundation, and building the rest of the book comes a lot easier.

 How to write a reader-grabbing novel opening - the first pages of your novel are critical.  Learn how to get them right.

 How to write a compelling query letter - learn to write a letter that will get agents and/or editors pay attention.

 The importance of and the secret to writing a good synopsis - you’d think writing a 400 page book is the tough part.  But condensing that 400 pages into 10 is even tougher.  Learn the best way to do this and do it well.

PLUS you'll also receive a bonus 97-page Taskbook that gives you the exact steps you need to take to get from idea to completed novel. When you do the tasks in the Novel Writing Made Easy Taskbook, you’ll be able to:

Brainstorm every twist and turn of your story’s action

Easily develop the conflict of your story that will create a compelling plot

 List your novel’s story questions and use them in a way that will keep your readers turning the page

 Create powerful subplots that will make your novel rich and engaging

 Create your theme and understand how it will drive your novel.

 Create the back story that will make your characters every bit as real as you or me

 Lay out exactly what you need to have at your fingertips to make sure that your characters’ motivations are always clear and compelling

 Create a complete main character sketch and a minor character sketch that will bring your characters to such vivid life that you AND your reader will feel like they’re real people

 Create a compelling overall novel setting that will make your novel stand out heads above your competition

 Lay out a plan to create rich scene settings that will mesmerize your readers

 Determine what research you need to do, and how to do just the right amount (not too much or too little)

Set out a plan for your research with a list of topics and subtopics

 Design the scenes of your novel in a way that will assure that your novel’s pacing will be just right

 Create a writing schedule that will help you get past procrastination

 Write in a way that evokes all the senses so your reader will be drawn into your novel’s world

 Choose the words that best conjur the image you want to create so that your writing is polished and professional

 Create a perfect balance of details, enough but not too much, so that your reader always has a clear picture of your scenes but is never bored

 Use the techniques of perspective, goal, focus, and slant to write a WOW novel.

 Write a editor- or agent-grabbing query letter for your novel

Write a 15- to 25-page synopsis of your novel that will tease editors or agents just enough that they’ll HAVE to see the rest of your novel


Before you go any further, I have to make sure you understand that you will get out of this novel writing system only the information and guidance you need to take action to achieve writing success.  If you don’t take any action, if you don’t do the tasks in the Taskbook, you won’t plan or write your novel.  Taking action is up to you!

So what are you willing to pay for this kind of step-by-step, guided learning taught by a published author who is sharing every secret she has uncovered that helped her break into the big publisher market without an agent?

Because I know you’re smart, you realize how important the right information is. I knew how important it was when I first started out.  That’s why I bought dozens and dozens of books on writing when I was learning how to become a writer.  The only problem was that none of those books told the whole story.  None of them revealed everything I needed to know about writing a novel that’s good enough to sell to the “Big Boys.”

Because I’m giving you both a 184-page how to manual AND a 97-page guided taskbook, I originally planned to charge $197 for Novel Writing Made Easy System. What I teach in this system can easily lead you to a career that will bring you 1000 times that much or more.

Even so, I know it’s tough to come up with that kind of money when you’re just thinking about learning a new skill.  That’s why I set a price of $97 for the whole novel writing system.

BUT those of you who know how to act when opportunity presents itself are going to get a discount. For a limited time, I’m taking $30 off the price of the whole system.  Today, you can get the Novel Writing Made Easy System for only $67.

And that’s not all you get. 

When you purchase the Novel Writing Made Easy System, you also get these FREE bonuses:

1.  The 61-page e-book, The Art of Writing, by Robert Louis Stevenson.  Get inside the head of a beloved writer.  Valued at $29.

2. The 85-page classic e-book, The Craft of Fiction, by Percy Lubbock.  Delve into the traditional aspects of good fiction. Valued at $39.

3.  The 45-page e-book, Success by Lord Beaverbrook.  This classic book is based on a series of articles that cover essential elements to success.  Valued at $29.

4. The 102-page e-book, The Power of Concentration by Theron Q Dumont.  It is impossible to take on a project as big as a novel if you can’t concentrate.  This classic will help you improve your concentration.  Valued at $39. 

5. The 372-page e-book, Your Dreams Revealed.  A great way to brainstorm novel ideas and turn them into plots is to mine your dreams for gold.  This book will help you do that.  Valued at $97.

6. The 62-page e-book, Beginner’s Guide To Lucid Dreaming Techniques. You can use the techniques in this book to be a conscious participant in your dreams and use them to improve your creativity.  Valued at $29.

7. The 140-page e-book, How To Speak and Write Correctly by Joseph Devlin, M.A.  This book covers the basic essentials of forming good sentences and paragraphs.  Valued at $69.

8. The 20-page e-book, How to Tell A Story by Mark Twain.  This witty collection from the brilliant author will get you thinking.  Valued at $15. 

9. The Special Report, Setting Goals by Paul Smithson. Goalsetting is a big part of planning a novel.  Learn tips to help you get clear about what you want to do.  Valued at $11.

10. The 71-page e-book, The Elements of Character, by Mary Chandler. Get a time-tested viewpoint on developing character.  Valued at $29.

11. A subscription to my Weekly Writing Tips Ezine.  Each week I share a specific writing tip and give you a writing exercise to help you practice the tip. Valued at $22.

That’s $408 worth of e-books, reports, and a newsletter that you get FREE when you order Novel Writing Made Easy System.  And here’s the best part - you don’t have to wait to get your manual, taskbooks and bonuses.  You’ll be able to download the whole novel writing system immediately after you confirm your order.

I’m so sure you’ll love the Novel Writing Made Easy System, I have a NO RISK 100% money-back guarantee.  If you aren’t happy with the system for any reason, you’ll get a full refund.  You have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO LOSE by ordering the system and checking it out.

I want to help you create the fun novel writer lifestyle I’ve created for myself!  Will you let me guide you toward your writing dream come true-a published novel?

Think about it.  Wouldn’t you love to say you’re a successful novelist?  Picture yourself meeting someone new.  The person asks you, “What do you do?”  Once you’ve finished and sold your novel, you can answer, with joy and pride, “I’m an author” or “I’m a novelist.”  Believe me, being able to say this is huge rush!!

Stop feeling confused and disappointed about your novel writing dream. The road to your great novel can start here.  Take advantage of my introductory price of $67 and get the novel writing system that will give you what you need to STOP talking about writing a novel and START actually writing it.

To your writing success,

Andrea Rains Waggener

P.S.  Getting inside information from someone who knows EXACTLY what it takes to get a novel written and sold is INVALUABLE!  You can get that information for only $76-but that price could go up at any time. Click here to order your Novel Writing Made Easy System

P.S.S. Keep in mind that the whole system comes with a NO RISK money back guarantee.  You have nothing to lose (except writing success).





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