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Non-Fiction E-Markets

This listing is a guide to several online magazines and publications accepting submissions for non-fiction articles and works.

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Affluent Male
Affluent Male is a Web based magazine that seeks freelance articles on topics appealing to the "affluent male." These articles must be written with an ideal blend of substance and flair. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to: Finance, health, exotic travel, gambling and sports, sex and adult entertainment.
Christian Sippel
ByLine Mag
ByLine is a monthly magazine seeking articles of 1500-1800 words on topics of interest to freelance writers, novelists and poets.
See complete guidelines on website. We also buy freelance work for departments that include End Piece (an essay); First $ale; Only When I Laugh; and Great American Bookstores! We purchase about 8 poems per issue connected with writing or the creative experience, and one short story of general interest. Address nonfiction and queries to Marcia Preston, editor;
fiction to Carolyn Wall, fiction editor;
and poetry to Sandra Soli, poetry editor
Canadian Writer's Journal
See website or S.A.S.E. to Box 5180, New Liskeard, ON, Canada, P0J 1P0
Deborah Ranchuk
Chicken Soup for the Fisherman's Soul
We're seeking heartfelt, funny, life-changing stories for our soon-to-be published Chicken Soup for the Fisherman's Soul, part of the popular Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. We pay for stories we publish. For information visit
Ken McKowen
Conversely is looking for contributors! Today there are dozens of published magazines and web-zines that offer advice and commentary on relationships, but
there isn't a single source for high-quality, intelligent and entertaining writing on this topic. If you'd like to be a part of this effort, please read on. We seek writers, new or established, who can produce articles and essays on all aspects of male-female relationships that are well-written, witty, engaging and fun . Conversely pays $100 - $200 for accepted submissions. Payment will tend to be higher for pieces that:
~ Were assigned by us
~ Require less (or no) "editorial effort" prior to posting
~ Come from writers who have published with us before
~Are Antidote essays
 For very short pieces (under 1,000 words), our rates may be lower.
 Please check specific guidelines on website before submitting
Fiction Writers Connection
Currenty accepting How-to Articles offering practical advice on the craft of writing
fiction and practical tips and advice on getting published.; Success Stories; Interviews with Authors, Agents, and Editors. No personal essays.
Ms. Blythe Camenson
Freelance Writers and Journalists wanted for submission to Gx Webzine:
a magazine by generation X for generation X.
Currently, we are seeking a writer who can report the facts with a
sense of humor for our August issue Special Features section.
For submission guidelines, please e-mail the Special Features Editor, Katie
Future Orbits
Future Orbits seeks high-quality science fiction short stories, articles, commentary, and art. Future Orbits does not purchase poetry.
Fiction submissions...
Stories up to 5,000 words are preferred, but stories up to 7,500 words will be considered. Payment is $.06 to $.10 per word on acceptance.
Nonfiction submissions...
Future Orbits is looking for freelance writers and columnists interested in writing science fiction commentaries and speculative articles about the future. If you are interested, please send a query letter and clips of prior work to the below address or to
editor@futureorbits.com. Payment is $.06 to $.10 per word on acceptance.
Send Submissions to...
Tom Vander Neut - Editor/Publisher
Future Orbits
Vander Neut Publications LLC
P.O. Box 239
Hatboro, PA 19040
United States of America
Submission Guidelines:
Internet Review of Science Fiction
The Internet Review of Science Fiction buys unsolicited reviews, criticism, interviews, essays, and articles. We do no buy fiction or poetry. Please read Submission Guidelines carefully and adhere to the formatting guidelines for the specific category in which you wish to submit

Pay Rates
IROSF pays at minimum $70 per work. Once we start charging for subscriptions, there will also be a profit sharing mechanism based on unique views per work. IROSF pays on acceptance.

Rights Bought
IROSF purchases First Exclusive Electronic Rights. We do not, in general, purchase works that have already appeared elsewhere. We require exclusive rights for three months, and non-exclusive rights to keep the work available in our archives for subscribers.
Submission Guidelines:
Keystrokes is always on the lookout for short articles of interest to both new and practiced writers. If you have ideas for Keystrokes, or you have something you'd like to submit for consideration in future issues of Keystrokes,
send it to:
Located on Writer's Digest Top 50 list!! Do a drive-by and see if you'd like to submit to KIDS' HIGHWAY, Oo! What a Ride!! the fun magazine for kids and their grown-ups. We need fiction for adults.
Miranda Garza
millenniumSHIFT magazine -- a literary experience
This bold, eclectic, on-line literary journal is always open to submissions. Check out our guidelines on-site. And our new Classifieds section may be the affordable opportunity you've been seeking. Haven't had the Millennium Shift experience yet? Well, come by and see what the fuss is about
Ken J Davies
Cobblestone Publishing
Elizabeth Mindstrom - Editor
Science magazine for ages 10-16. Need fiction and nonfiction.
Fiction up to 1000 words - 20-25 cents/word.  Nonfiction 720-950 words at 20-25 cents/word.  Poetry accepted up to 1000 words - 20-25 cents/word.  Please query first.  Each issue has a theme, so check website. Prefer electronic submission.
Speculations is a bimonthly 64-page digest for writers who want to break into or increase their presence within the science fiction, fantasy, horror, or "other" speculative fiction subgenres. We pay at least three cents per word for up to 2000 words upon acceptance, and generally report on unsolicited submissions within one month of receipt.

We print original articles, essays, columns, interviews with editors, agents, and publishers, Q&A with the experts, genre-specific advice, and anything else we can find that we think might help our readers sell more fiction.

We are not a fiction or poetry market, nor do we print fiction reviews, illustrations, or reprint material of any sort.
Denise Lee
Writer Online
Accepts Fiction and Poetry, and non-fiction articles focussed on the craft, marketing or publishing of writing.
Submission Guidelines
Writing-World.com is an online site for writers, hosted by Moira Allen, former managing editor of Inkspot/Inklings. We're looking primarily for high-quality reprints that are not easily available online, and original material for our forthcoming biweekly newsletter. We have a particular need for material on international writing topics. Pay is $20 for reprints, 5c/word for original articles. Visit
http://www.writing-world.com/admin/guidelines.html for details.
Moira Allen

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