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Add Market Listing

Fiction Factor is only accepting and displaying paying market listings at this time. There is no fee to add a listing.

There are several listing categories available:

  • Fiction Markets - Mainstream
  • Fiction Markets - Genre
  • Anthology Listings
  • Royalty Paying E-publishers
  • Non-Fiction Markets
  • Poetry Markets
  • Writing Contests

Include a brief description of your publication's needs and submission details. Try to keep your submission under 100 words (not including URL or email). We prefer to see listings from publications with the capacity to accept email submissions, but this is not mandatory.

At this time, we prefer NOT to list writing contests that charge an entry fee.

Any listing submission being sent more than once per fortnight will be considered SPAM and will not be accepted, so please check the current market listings first. We don't like to have to refuse you any more than you like being refused.

**The editors still reserve the right to refuse any listing that does not comply**

Please send all new listings to:



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