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Introduction to the Mystery Novel

The Easy to Write: Introduction to the Mystery Novel - a brand new intensive 8-week course on this fascinating area of fiction is starting now!

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Mystery and Suspense - two imperative ingredients of a great modern novel, wouldn't you agree?

And wouldn't you agree, too, that if you were going to be taught how to incorporate these elements into your novel writing, you would want the best teacher available on the net?

Now, if you know the Easy Way To Write, you'll know M Kenyon Charboneaux. Her courses are legendary. At the last count, a staggering 7 (SEVEN) out 15 writers on just one of her courses went on to be published authors! Now that's impressive!

If you don't know already, her writing courses, her friendly and encouraging personality, and her unique teaching style is just awesome, incredibly thorough - and so much FUN!

As always, her courses are fully interactive. You can join her on the members only Yahoo group or email her directly. She'll answer every question, give you personal guidance, and do as much as is possible to turn you into the best writer you can be.

Here's a brief breakdown of the course:

Lesson 1 - Introduction; Writing Life, Writing Mysteries

Part One - Getting Ready to Write that Mystery (weeks 2-5)

Lesson 2 - Characters & Plot, the Siamese Twins, with some words on storyline, theme and leitmotif

Lesson 3 - POV - Who's Telling This Story?

Lesson 4 - Setting/Context/Background

Part Two : Writing the Book (Weeks 7-10)

Lesson 5 - Scenes of Movement (Show, Don't Tell!!)

Lesson 6 - Dialog - Showing by Talking

Lesson 7 - Descriptions - Showing by Telling

Lesson 8 - Conflict & Pacing/Tension/Suspense

Features: One to one guidance, feedback, encouragement. Interactive members only chat group, assignments and exercises.

I have pages and pages of testimonials I could show you testifying to Kenyon's genius, the superior usefulness of her advice and the sheer effectiveness of her teaching.

Writers email me all the time to thank me for finding Kenyon (although she actually found me!)
Because her knowledge and commitment to the craft of writing is phenomenal. And the simple the fact that she's a best-selling author and is willing to share so unreservedly all her secrets and tips is just fantastic, and indeed, a little humbling.

So don't delay; sign up now for The Easy Way to Write: Introduction to the Mystery Novel. You get lesson One immediately on sign up plus access to the live members only Yahoo group, where you can talk to Kenyon directly NOW and share news views and writing issues with the rest of the class.

Similar courses as this go for around $350 on the Net but you can take the whole 8 week adventure for an absolute steal at just $27!!!

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I promise you it'll be an absolute blast - and probably the best learning experience you will ever undertake in your writing career. All the writers who have taken our courses before know that. If you haven't taken one of Kenyon's courses before, you owe it to yourself to experience this one.

The Easy Way to Write: Introduction to the Mystery Novel:

Click Here to Order Now!

Keep writing mystery and suspense!


PS: And of course, the EWTW lifetime guarantee applies. If at any time in the future you feel you'd like a refund, just ask for it. You can keep all the course materials as well.


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