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This section is devoted to articles designed to help keep you motivated and inspired while you write.

Are You Really Writing: Part 1
by Terry W. Ervin II
Time is a finite commodity. Every writer is reminded of this as they juggle schedules that include family and friends, careers, homestead obligations and upkeep, holidays, and the occasional crisis. Are you writing, or are you allowing too many distractions to interfere?

Are You Really Writing: Part II
by Terry W. Ervin II
Terry continues his list of possible distraction that every writer should be wary of and learn to avoid

Setting Goals for Your Writing Career
by Lee Masterson
True success - in every field - begins with a plan. I don't mean the plan to actually WRITE your book. That step forms only a portion of the total process required in creating publishing success.

Create Effective Goals to Write Your Novel
by Lee Masterson

No matter what your writing goals might be, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of seeing your dreams come true.

How to Stay Motivated With Your Writing
by Lee Masterson
No matter what job you do, everyone has moments where motivation dries up. Writing is exactly the same. While your story is new, it’s fresh and exciting and you’re fired up ready to tackle the plot twists and character creations.

Why I Killed My Muse - And You Should Too!
by Deanna Mascle
Sometimes that little nagging voice in the back of your head can halt your writing efforts - unless you make the decision once and for all to kill off that pesky Muse!

10 Reasons to Use Writing Prompts
by Deanna Mascle
Writer's Block simply can't exist in a highly stimulated mind. Here are some ways to help boost your writing inspriation.

Do the Unfamiliar to Keep Your Writing Going
by Catherine Franz
Often, the human mind is a contradictory creature, but there are ways to get your mind and your creativity to cooperate to keep your writing going!

What to Write, What to Write
by Dr. Vicki Hinze
If you thought writing what you felt like writing would be enough, odds are you’ve already discovered the truth: there are still too many choices to make about what to write, and about all you feel when considering them is overwhelmed!  So how do you determine what to write?

Dealing with Rejection
by Lee Masterson
Knowing some of the reasons why stories are rejected can help to take some of the sting out of a rejection letter.

10 Ways to Increase Your Productivity
by Lee Masterson
Learn to churn out more writing than ever before!

Beating Procrastination - Squeezing Time to Write!
by Lee Masterson
"I'm too busy to write today." There are thousands of writers with this same lament. And they're right - life is busy. There is never enough time to get everything done. But if you truly want to succeed at writing, you'll find the time. Here are some tips to help squeeze more writing into your day:

What to Do When Your Muse Abadons You!
by Tina Morgan
Every writer faces a time when his or her muse takes a vacation. So what is a writer to do? And how does a writer tempt an AWOL muse to return?

Which Writer Has It Hardest?
by Dr. Vicki Hinze
Is is hardest to be a new writer, an experience aspiring writer, a newly published writer or a multi-published writer? The answer might surprise you!

10 Ways to Beat Writer's Block
by Tina Morgan
It's the bane of every writer's existence. So here are 10 ways to help overcome the dreaded block once and for all.

Beating Writer's Block
by Lee Masterson
Understanding a little about why writers become 'blocked' can often help to break through the dreaded Writer's Block

Overcome Writer's Block with Snake Dancing
by Judy Cullins
The Book Coach offers ideas and ways to stop writers becoming blocked - for good!

Attack of the Dreaded Writer's Block
by Lee Masterson
Writer's block doesn't have to stop you from writing. There are ways to overcome even the worst case.

The Secret Formula for Writing a Best-Selling Novel
by Lee Masterson
Is there a secret formula for writing novels? Can it be taught?

Stimulate Those Creative Juices
by Lee Masterson
Here are some ideas to help stimulate your creativity!

What Makes You Think You Can Write?
by Debra Koontz Traverso
Sound familiar? Sometimes the most defeating voices - those that stifle our creative juices - come from inside our own heads.

Collaboration - Working with a Writing Partner
by Tina Morgan
Writing as part of a collaborative team can boost your inspiration, add to your creativity and give you a partner to bounce ideas to. But there are some pitfalls to watch for.

How to Stall Your Writing Career
by Beth Mende Conny
If you're looking for a guaranteed way to stall your writing career, here it is...

Excuses, Excuses... How to Guarantee Failure as a Writer
by Lee Masterson
Writers who are likely not to succeed really do have a few things in common. Find out if you are one of them!

Seven Steps to Publishing Success
by Lee Masterson
Getting published is just the beginning. Creating success is where the hard work comes in.

Beware of Pestimists
by Beth Mende Conny
Those nagging, pesty, pessimistic little voices can serious undermine your confidence in your abilities. Here are some ways to quieten your 'pestimist'.

Resurrect That Dying Novel
by Lee Masterson
Have you lost the original enthusiam for your novel? Regaining that spark is not as hard as it seems.

Writing With Confidence
by Lee Masterson
Do you get nervous wondering how your readers will react to your work? Writing with Confidence is a look at writers with insecurities about allowing their work to be judged by the anonymous public, and how to overcome those fears and doubts.

How to Hook Your Readers - Right From the Start
by Shawn Scarber
A good hook is more than just an opening sentence, it can set the tone for your entire story. It imparts just enough information to make your readers want to know more.

How to Keep Them Reading, Part 1
by Tina Morgan
Without a little suspense, your story will be as boring as a grocery list. Find out how to build anticipation in your novel.

How to Keep Them Reading, Part 2
by Tina Morgan
Inserting a measure of tension into your story can heighten the drama, create suspense and highlight your character's personality. Here are some ways to introduce tension into your work.

Advice for Teen Writers
by Kristin Tilley
Let's face it - writing is a difficult career to establish. But how does a younger writer get his or feet into the realm of publishing?

Why Fiction Matters
by Rob Parnell
Why do people love to read a great fiction story? And what makes it so special? Rob looks at why fiction matters!

How to Start a Novel: The Willingness to be the Best and the Worst
by Albyn Leah Hall
Writing fiction is like allowing yourself to be the ugliest person in the room and the most beautiful person at the same time. Part of you that is dying to be heard is chronically at odds with the part of you that fears exposure, rejection, or being just plain bad. So how do you get around this feeling?


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