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  About Lee Masterson

Lee Masterson is a freelance writer from South Australia. She lives in the
gorgeous sea-side suburb of Brighton with two extremely spoilt German Shepherd dogs (Cooper and Kaiser).

Lee has a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and worked first as a mortgage lender and then as an investment banker with one of the largest banks in the southern hemisphere prior to becoming a writer. She also holds a Graduate Diploma in Journalism.

Lee's print publication credits include People Magazine (Australia), Picture magazine, That’s Life magazine, Take 5 magazine, New Idea, Woman’s Day (Australia), Smart Investor magazine, Australian Property Investor magazine, Muse magazine (SARW), Children’s Book Insider, Romance Writer's Australia Mag, Heart to Heart, Brady Magazine, Stygian Soul Anthology, Southern Times Messenger, Adelaide Advertiser and many more.

Her online publication credits include Fiction Factor, Freelance Factor, Debt-Free Living, Property Asset Planning (Aust), Mortgage Loan Hints, Destroy Debt, Choice Home Loans, Eclipse Home Loans, Writing-World, Absolute Write, Absolute Markets, Writer’s Weekly, Author-Network, Scriptorium, Writer Gazette, Aspire2Write, Writer2Writer, Planet Quill, SciFi Editor, Writer’s Room, Anthologies Online, Neometropolis, WorldWide Freelance, E-Writer Magazine, WordMage, European Writer, Brady Magazine and many, many more...

She has also had over 160 educational or writing-related articles published, reprinted and/or re-released into more than 110 ezines and magazines around the world.

Lee is the author of seven writing-related ebooks (Write, Create & Promote a Best-Seller, Writing Short Fiction That Sells, the 2007 Short Fiction Market Guide, Horror Short Fiction Market Listings, Christian Market Guide, Sci-Fi Market Listings and Fantasy Writing Markets) and also the co-author of Write Here, Write Now (with Tina Morgan).

Lee is the founder and publisher of the FictionFactor Group of ezines, which is run with the invaluable help of two of the best writers she knows and some of her closest friends in the world - Tina and Ciara. Lee is also the editor-in-chief of each of the writing-related ezines, which include the popular flagship ezine, Fiction Factor, along with sister sites Romance Factor, Fantasy Factor, Children's Fiction Factor, Erotica Factor, Horror Factor, SciFi Factor, Freelance Factor and Short-Fiction Factor

You can also visit Lee's 'other' sites
MortgageLoanHints.com - a site dedicated to teaching people to take control of their own finances and get out of debt quickly and responsibly. Lee has worked in finance and/or banking for the past 7 years, helping people to control their financial futures!

In what little spare time she has, Lee also writes horror, science fiction and dark fantasy.

You can learn much more about Lee in the following three interviews with Lee Masterson

Interview One by Brenda Kay Tredway: (from April 2002)

Interview Two from "My Writing Friend" by Linda Barnett-Johnson: (from August 2003)

Interview Three from "WrittenWell" by Lyne Royce (from September 2004)

Interview Four from "How to Tell a Great Story" by Aneeta Sundararaj (from January 2007)

Interview Five from "BlogCritics" and "Dark Phantom" by Mayra Calvani (from October 2008)

You can also find out more about Lee's ebooks by clicking on the individual book covers below.

Write a Best Selling Novel! Write Here, Write Now - Exclusive to Fiction Factor Readers!


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