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Author Interviews 


Interview with D. Harlan Wilson
Michael Gibbs interviews D. Harlan Wilson about his latest Bizarro novel.

Interview with Patricia Briggs
Tina Morgan talks to Patricia Briggs, NYTimes bestselling author of the Mercy Thompson werewolf series and many other fantasy novels.

Interview with Lee Masterson (from BlogCritics.org and Dark Phantom October 2008)
Mayra Calvani interviews Lee Masterson about Horror Factor

Interview with Marta Stephens (from Volume 8 Issue 9 - 28th September 2008)
Terry Ervin interviews crime suspense/mystery author Marta Stephens about the publication of her first novel and the impending release of her second.

Interview with Lee Masterson (from "How To Tell a Great Story" ezine - January 2007)
Yet another interview with Lee

Interview with Sandra Kring (From Volume 6, Issue 7 - 28th August 2006)
Sandra Kring talks with Fiction Factor about the success of her debut novel and discusses what kept her motivated!

Interview with Lee Masterson (from "WrittenWell.com" by Lyne Royce - September 2004)

Interview with Sarah Ash (From Volume 4, Issue 16 - 4th August 2004)
Author of the
Tears of Artamon series talks to Fiction Factor about her new book and how music and Russian folklore inspire her to write.

Interview with Lynn Emery (From Issue 75 - 26th November 2003)
 Lynn Emery, the author of twelve books and counting, talks to Fiction Factor about her career. Join us for this informative interview from a very intelligent and hard working author.

 Interview with Jennifer DeChiara (From Issue 74 - 12th November 2003)
 Fiction Factor talks to Jennifer DeChiara. A bright and talented literary agent, Ms. DeChiara talks about how to write that perfect query letter as well sharing her enthusiasm and love for the industry.

Interview with Paul Stevens (From Issue 73 - 29th October 2003)
 Fiction Factor talks to Paul Stevens, an Assistant Editor with Tor Books about his experience in the publishing industry. A detailed insider look on how a book goes from manuscript to hard back copy.

 Interview with Jeff Kleinman (From Issue 69 - 3rd September 2003)
 Fiction Factor talks to Jeff Kleinman, an attorney and literary agent with Graybill and English L.L.C., about his work and his passion for the industry.

Interview with Lee Masterson (from "My Writing Friend" ezine - August 2003)
Linda Barnett-Johnson interviews Lee Masterson about writing and working on Fiction Factor.

 Interview with the authors of Twilight Crossings (From Issue 55 - 19th February 2003)
 Jeanne Allen, Jeanine Berry, Shannah Biondine, and Sheri L. McGathy talk about how their romantic fantasy anthology came about and how they learned to work together. They give insight into the things that inspire them and how their careers have been affected by this book.
Interview with Orson Scott Card (from Issue 44 - Sept. 18)
 The author/editor of more than 60 books, Orson Scott Card is an award winner with a sense of humor and in-depth knowledge of the publishing industry. Join us as he discusses his creative work.
Interview with Danielle Ackley McPhail (from Issue 42 - August 21)
 Danielle is the author of Yesterday's Dreams. An enchanting novel of hope and perseverance. Come read about Danielle's experiences with a small publishing house and why she would choose to work with a small publisher again.
Interview with Lisa Lee & Tee Morris (from Issue 41 - August 7)
 Lisa and Tee talk about the problems of co-authoring a novel while living half a world apart. - interview by Tina Morgan

 Interview with Cindy Vallar (from Issue 33 - April 17 2002)
 Join us as Cindy talks with Lee about the pros and cons surrounding the e-publishing industry - interview by Lee Masterson

 Interview with Don Perrin and Margaret Weis (from Issue 28 - 6th February 2002)
 Co-authors Don and Margaret talk with Ciara about working as part of a collaborative team and how to make it work! - interview by Ciara Grey

 Interview with Andrew Burt (from Issue 27 - 23rd January 2002)
 Active member of almost all facets of the writing community, teacher, doctor, CEO of a founding company and Captain of Critters, Dr. Burt shares with us his thoughts and ideals for the future of the epublishing industry - interview by Lee Masterson

 Interview with Richard Curtis (from Issue 23 - 28th November 2001)
 President of the AAR (Association of Author's Representatives), Richard Curtis is a leading New York agent. He has been a literary agent for over twenty-five years and his agency currently represents over 100 authors in all fields
- interview by Ciara Grey

Interview with Steve Sullivan (from Issue 19 - 3rd October 2001)
 Join us as we talk with Steve Sullivan about writing as a part of a collaborative effort - interview by Ciara Grey

Interview with Alan Dean Foster (from issue 18 - 19th September 2001)
 This week, we present an interview with prolific science fiction author, Alan Dean Foster. - interview by Ciara Grey

Interview with Victoria Strauss (from Issue 17 - 5th September 2001)
 We proudly present an interview with one of the amazing people behind the SFWA's Writer Beware, and an accomplished fantasy author in her own right! - interview by Tina Morgan

Interview with Lois McMaster Bujold (from Issue 16 - 22nd August 2001)
 This issue, we are proud to present an interview with prolific, multi-award winning science-fiction and fantasy author Lois McMaster Bujold. Join us as Ms. Bujold talks with Tina about her career and her writing.

Interview with Elizabeth Haydon (from Issue 14 - 24th July 2001)
Join us as Ciara talks with up and coming fantasy author about how she got her 'break' - interview by Ciara Grey
Interview with Holly Lisle (from Issue 13 - 11th July 2001)
 Prolific science fiction/fantasy author, Holly Lisle, joins us this issue to talk about her work, the writing life, and her love of both - interview by Lee Masterson

Interview with Greg Bear (from Issue 10 - 30th May, 2001)
 Multi-award winning science-fiction author, Greg Bear, talks with Lee about the life of a full-time author - interview by Lee Masterson.
Interview with Douglas Clegg (from Issue 9 - 16th May 2001)
 This issue brings with it an interview with horror/thriller writer Douglas Clegg. Join us as he discusses e-publishing and how it has helped his writing career to move forward - interview by Lee Masterson.
Interview with Stephen Lawhead (from Issue 8 - 2nd May 2001)
 This issue New York Times best-selling author Stephen Lawhead answers our questions on the publishing industry - interview by Ciara Grey.
Interview with Dennis McKiernan (from Issue 7 - 18th April 2001)
 Acclaimed fantasy and science fiction author, Dennis McKiernan talks with Ciara about crafting his well-realized fictional worlds, and offers some advice for newer authors - interview by Ciara Grey.
Interview with Patricia Crossley (from Issue 4 - 7th March, 2001)
 Patricia is the author of more than three books. Join us as we discuss the e-publishing industry and Patricia's life as a writer - interview by Lee Masterson.
Interview with Julie Duffy (from issue 3 - 21st February 2001)
 Julie is the former Director of Author Services at Xlibris Corp. We take an 'insider's' look at the Print On Demand giant - interview by Tina Morgan.
Interview with Jim Farris (from Issue 2 - 7th February 2001)
 Jim is the author of 8 books. Join us as Jim talks about the e-publishing industry, and the release of his newest e-book MUSE - interview by Lee Masterson.


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