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Honing Skills
This section is devoted to articles on honing and improving your writing skills, by editing, critiquing or discussion.

Editing Made Easy
by Lee Masterson
Polishing your work to a professional standard is easy, once you learn where to begin the editing process.

Editing Fiction
by Lee Masterson and Tina Morgan
Look beyond small typos and grammatical mistakes and find what makes a story GREAT!

Mood vs. Tone
by Dr. Vicki Hinze
What is the difference between tone and mood? Vicki takes a look at how to distinguish between them

Finding Your Unique Writing Voice
by Rob Parnell
Finding and Defining your own unique writing voice can take a little practice and some patience. Rob looks at ways that might help to uncover your unique style.

Effective Editing: It Spells the Difference
by Lizzie R. Santos
Learning to edit your work effectively can make the difference between having your work accepted for publication - or receiving a rejection!

by Tina Morgan
The perils of not being able to stop once you start editing. Some one needs to pull the plug!

Don’t Hesitate to Offer a Critique
by Terry W. Ervin II
While there may be ‘wrong’ ways to critique another writer’s work, there certainly isn’t any single ‘right’ way to accomplish the task either.

Nuts and Bolts of Critiquing
by Tina Morgan
How do you conduct a 'proper' critique for another person's work?

Attack of the Killer Critique
by Tina Morgan
How to handle a flaming critique with poise and dignity (to the outside world anyway)

Workshops: To Join or Not to Join
by Tina Morgan
How to decide if a writing workshop is right for you.

Making Your Workshop Work for You
by Tina Morgan
Workshops can be a great way to hone your writing skills - as long as you have the right workshop!

Writer's Conferences - Getting Your Money's Worth
by Tina Morgan
Writer's Conferences can be a great opportunity to meet new writers, make new contacts and - most importantly - talk about your books to people who will listen. Tina looks at ways to get your money's worth from attending a conference.

Five Considerations Before Joining a Crit Group
by Terry W. Ervin II
One of the more useful activities a writer employ to improve his work is to participate in a writing critique group.  While active participation in a crit group (whether online or in person) takes time, the payoff can be well worth the effort—if it is the right crit group.


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