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Submission Guidelines

Guidelines and Submission Procedures

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently over-stocked, and will be closed to submissions until further notice. Please check this page again soon - we will re-open to submissions again shortly.

Fiction Factor is always seeking material that offers aspiring writers tips and advice on honing their skills, and helping new authors to break into the publishing field.

If you are interested in submitting to Fiction Factor we strongly recommend that you check the current article listings to see whether or not we have already covered the topic you wish to submit. It might also help to read through the article "
How To Impress An Editor"


We currently pay $5 US via PayPal only for each article accepted and published. This amount is payable on acceptance. We are also happy to include any and all links to your site/newsletter with a brief author bio, to be displayed at the foot of the article.


We purchase non-exclusive electronic rights for a minimum period of one month. Authors retain full copyright of their own work. We may accept reprints, however we do like to see originals (of course). Work may appear in our archives until such time as the author asks us to remove it.

Current submission needs

We are always seeking tips for writers, articles on the craft and business of writing, and how-to pieces. We
do not accept fiction or poetry submissions at this time. We are not interested in personal essays, explaining how one person solved a personal dilemma. Rather, submit articles that offer writers valid points, including URL's to reference sites.

Please check the site before you submit material to see if we have already published an article on your topic.

Authors retain complete copyright of their work, we simply require the non-exclusive electronic rights to publish the material on this site for a minimum period of 1 month.

We accept only email submissions.
Click here to contact us

Tell us in your query briefly what your article is about and include an approximate word count. If we request the entire article, submissions can be pasted into the body of the email. We hope to respond to queries within four weeks.

Please be patient - there are only three of us, and we receive lots of submissions.

General tips

Please study the site if you are interested in submitting material. Here are a few general guidelines for non-fiction submissions:

- Write short paragraphs. Be brief, but concise.

- Remember to edit your work.

- Give information in bite sized pieces. People on the Internet do not read in detail - they scan the page for clues, which may be textual or visual.

- Use lots of sub-headings, dividing the piece by each separate idea.

- Use bullets.

- Avoid long narratives.


- Spell and grammar check your work.

- Research editorial style well.

- Use hyphens sparingly.

Editorial Contacts:
Lee Masterson - Editor-In-Chief
Tina Morgan - Managing Editor
Ciara Grey - Assistant Editor


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