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  How To Spread The Word-Of-Mouse
by Peggy Tibbetts

Marketing experts agree, of all the state-of-the-art promotional tools available, word-of-mouth is the most valuable. Reviews are one of the best ways to generate a good buzz about your book. Whether or not your publisher secured pre-publication reviews, you can continue to seek reviews even after publication. On the Internet, word-of-mouth translates into word-of-mouse.

Online book reviews are one way you can spread the word-of-mouse about your new book.

During the past decade book lovers have flocked to the Internet, creating a revolution in book buying with sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.com, as well as the e-volution of e-publishing. Thousands of web sites dedicated to book readers have sprung up in recent years.

They’re staffed with as many as a half dozen reviewers, some are paid, others just do it for the free books. No matter what their motivation, they’re hungry for new books to review. Online book reviews have a longer “shelf life” than print reviews.

Most web sites index and archive their book reviews, making them accessible for months, if not years to come.

Enter “book reviews” into any search engine to look for specific markets to review your book. For example if your book is in the Science Fiction/Fantasy genre, go to
http://www.sffworld.com. In the lower left frame, click on “Contact Us: Authors & Publishers,” or go to http://www.sffworld.com/submit/publishers.html. You’ll find publicity opportunities such as book reviews and interviews, there for the asking.

Search for web sites with similar subject matter to your book, check to see if they do book reviews. Browse other web sites that publish book reviews.

How To Submit

Before you request a book review, visit the web site and read their published book reviews. Look at the other authors’ books featured. Make sure your book is appropriate for the web site. More important, decide whether you want your book featured with the rest of the site’s content.

Web site editors prefer email queries. The submission guidelines usually specify what to put in the subject line of your email, if not use “Book Review Request” or the title of your book. Book reviewers want to know as much as possible about your book before they read it.

Provide a brief synopsis and a link to your web site. If your book has been reviewed, include blurbs from those reviews in your query to pique the editor’s interest. Book review editors know their competition and are eager to read what’s been said about your book.

Here’s a good format to follow:

Editor, [or editor’s name, if known],

I am the author of a new suspense novel [insert your own one line book description here].
Would you be interested in reviewing [book title] for [name of web site]?
I'd be happy to send you a review copy.
Thank you.
[Your name]
[http://www.your web site URL link]

Book Title

Brief synopsis--about 25-50 words.

Review blurbs--up to 25 words each.
"... a thriller ... leaves you wanting more."
The Bookdragon Review

“5 stars! ... full of plots and subplots"
Scribes World Reviews

Reviewers are attracted to good buzz, like hummingbirds to nectar. Getting book reviews is one way to keep everyone buzzing about your book. Use your mouse to spread the word and reach more readers through the Internet.

Where To Submit

Below is a list of web sites which are not geared to any specific interest, and are reviewing books in several genres and age groups. Authors and publishers should always contact the editor first, according to the guidelines. Never submit your print book or e-book for review without permission.

The Bookdragon Review
Reviews print and e-books. Send a brief synopsis of your book for consideration to the Editor, Melanie C. Duncan.

Book Review.com
Reviews upcoming or newly released print books. See Information for Publishers at their website or contact Zanne Marie Gray.

Midwest Book Review
Reviews print books and e-books. Also reprints reviews. Contact James A. Cox.

Painted Rock
Reviews books in print. No e-books. Send your request to the Print Coordinator, Harriet Klausner.

The Savvy Click: An Internet Magazine
Reviews e-books and print books. Send review request to Vinnie Jean

Scribes World
Reviews print books and e-books. For more information contact Lisa Ramaglia.

Under the Covers Book Reviews
Reviews print books and e-books. Query first. Include a short blurb of each book you'd like reviewed, as well as genre/subject, publisher and publication date. Contact Under the Covers.

Word Weaving
Reviews print books and e-books. Also reprints written reviews, reviewer retains all rights. Contact Cindy Penn.

Copyright 2001 Peggy Tibbetts.

Peggy Tibbetts is Contributing Editor for Writing World(http://www.writing-world.com) and WP World Muse (http://www.wpworldmuse.com.
Carly’s Ghost, is her 5 star mystery novel for 8-12 year olds -
Rumors of War, a 5 star political thriller, is her latest adult novel -

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