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The Total Package: A Simple Checklist to Make Your Work Ready For an Agent - By Natalie R. Collins
Submitting a manuscript to an agent is simpler than you think. Try this checklist and see if your manuscript is ready to go.

Thickening the Plot - by Dr. Vicki Hinze
Is it enough to create just a storyline? Vicki Hinze takes us through some steps to plotting a well-crafted novel.

Playing by their rules: The Ever-Changing E-Guideline - by Rob Holden
Submitting your manuscript to traditional print publishers is a far cry to submitting your work to the online publishing markets. Rob is a long-time fiction writer. His first novel, a mystery/thriller, will be available soon!

How to Spread the Word-of-Mouse - by Peggy Tibbetts.
Learn how to increase your book sales, and your readership at the same time with this article. Peggy is a Contributing Editor for Writing World and WP World Muse.

A Book Promotion's Key Elements for Maximum Publicity by Dr. Lorna Tedder
Give your books the maximum possible exposure with this checklist from an award-winning author.
Dr. Lorna Tedder is a best-selling author who routinely shares her writing and marketing expertise at national writers' conferences, online, and through her writing guides.

Introducing the Baen Free Library by Eric Flint.
Baen Books have recently announced they will be offering backlisted titles free in their new Baen Free Library program. Read what Eric Flint, Baen's First Librarian, has to say.

Promoting Your Book Online by Moira Allen
Promoting your book online can be a relatively simple task, as long as you know where you're headed. Moira is the ex-managing editor of the now-defunct Inkspot/Inklings, and currently the managing editor of Writing-World.com

Writing Flash Fiction by G.W.Thomas
Gary Thomas takes a look at creating short-short fiction and making it work in as few words as possible. Gary is the editor of the E-Genre News e-zine.

Will Your Book Sell on the Web? by Greg Spence.
Try this 16-point checklist to see if your book will sell on the web. Greg Spence is the editor and publisher of the Get Published e-zine.

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