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Getting Started
This section is devoted to articles about launching your writing career, overcoming obstacles and beginning on the right foot.

Uncommon Advice For Beginning Writers
by Dara Girard
A light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek look at getting started as a writer.

When to Submit: Are you ready?
by Tina Morgan
Knowing just when to submit can be a difficult decision for many writers. Have you done all you can to make your work shine?

Becoming a Writer - A Practical Guide
by Rob Parnell
These tips will help kick-start your writing habit, whether you're a complete novice, or perhaps a pro who has lost their way!

10 Ways to Increase Your Productivity
by Lee Masterson
Prolific writers all have one thing in common - they WRITE a lot. Now you can learn to churn out more writing than ever before!

Elements of a Good Idea
by Vicki Hinze
The elements of a good novel idea address and answer questions. What do you, the writer want to say? Who wants to hear it? How do you plan to say it?
And who do you think could best convey what you have to say?

Top Seven Mistakes Writers Make and What to Do About Them
by Judy Cullins
Increase your chances of actually finishing the novel you started with these tips!

Excuses, Excuses... How to Guarantee Failure as a Writer
by Lee Masterson
Writers who are likely not to succeed really do have a few things in common. Find out if you are one of them!

Seven Steps to Publishing Success
by Lee Masterson
Getting published is just the beginning. Creating success is where the hard work comes in.

The Secret To Writing Success
by Deanna Mascle
Succeeding as a writer is very possible - as long as you know the secret...

Researching Your Market
by Tina Morgan
Once you've written your article or story, who do you send it to? This article looks at some ways to find the ideal market for your work.

Writing a Killer Query Can be Simple
by Natalie R Collins
Query letters and synopses are the bane of writers every where. Extremely prolific authors with 200,000-word manuscripts suddenly suffer writer's block when faced with a letter that starts: "Dear Agent." Why are these two products so difficult to write?

Writing the Perfect Query Letter
by Lee Masterson
Writing a letter of introduction to a complete stranger doesn't have to be difficult.

Why Manuscripts Are Rejected
by Sharon Good
An Editor's view of why some manuscripts are rejected - and how to avoid being one of those rejections!

Dealing With Rejection
by Lee Masterson
Many writers feel as though each rejection letter is deeply personal. Regardless of whether the rejection you receive is a form rejection or a personalized note trying to explain why that publication has chosen not to accept your brain-child - to a writer, the declining editor is the enemy.


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