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Novel & Short Story Writer's Market

Anyone can write a short story - but it takes something special to sell that story for CASH!
Write Short Fiction That Sells!
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Fiction Markets 2

Below is a listing of Speculative Fiction and Fantasy Markets. Where possible markets are separated, however, these genres tend to overlap, so do not discount finding a market within another field.

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As our listings got too big to pile them onto just one page,
we have moved all genre listings to their own respective genre-specific sites.

For Science Fiction Listings, click

For Fantasy Listings, click

For Horror Listings, click

For Erotica Listings, click

For Mystery/Thriller, Mainstream/Literary, Humor and Romance markets, check


Want markets that show ONLY Horror?
Horror Market Guide
Lee Masterson's Horror Short Fiction Market Guide brings you only horror markets wanting to buy your short fiction!

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