Sword and Sorceress Anthology: Earn $450 for Sword & Sorcery Short Stories

Sword and Sorceress


Sword and Sorceress Anthology

Submissions for the 30th anthology collection of Sword and Sorceress are now open.

The Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust is seeking submissions of ‘sword and sorcery’ short stories that feature a strong female protagonist the readers can care about.  The editor for this anthology is award-winning writer, Elisabeth Waters.

Stories should be no longer than 9,000 words, although shorter stories are preferred.

The editor strongly suggests writers read previous Sword and Sorceress anthologies for examples of successful submissions. She may also consider urban fantasy stories set in modern times and always wants to see a short, funny piece for the last story in the collection.

Please do not submit stories containing explicit sex, gratuitous violence or profanity. The editor also will not accept reprints or simultaneous submissions.

The editor is always keen to discover fresh, new writers for the Sword and Sorceress anthologies.  Of course, there are usually some stories by writers with well-established names from the genre featured in each volume too.

It’s important your story is formatted to the editor’s preferred guidelines, so please read the guidelines carefully before submitting.

Payment for accepted submissions is 6 cents per word, paid as an advance against pro rata share of royalties. Estimated publication time is November 2015.

Deadline for submissions is 15th May, 2015

Full writer’s submission guidelines can be found here: http://www.mzbworks.com/guidelines.htm

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