Legacy Anthology: Earn $100 + Royalties for Dark Fantasy Fiction

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The Legacy Anthology is seeking Dark Fantasy stories for inclusion into their upcoming anthology collection.

Realmwalker Publishing Group is soliciting dark fantasy stories from fantasy writers for an upcoming anthology called The Legacy. The editors will consider submissions of dark fantasy, grimdark and paranormal themes that should be built around 1 of 12 key events for this anthology.

All stories should chronicle the tales of the Ellesmere family, which is an assembly of omnipotent wizards. Stories can cover the events encompassing the Ellesmere family’s rise, fall, and redemption. The events within stories should have dramatic consequences upon the region of Sarandor and all of the people who live there.


Submissions should be under 10,000 words.

Excerpt from the website:

The intent is for the individual stories to be able to stand on their own but when placed together,

would ultimately tell a singular story arc from multiple voices and viewpoints.


The anthology will be built around twelve key events that take place over a course of several hundred years. There will be only one story selected to represent each one of these twelve time periods. The stories can be told from any perspective: one of the Ellesmere family members, a friend of the family, or someone outside of the family altogether.


All 12 key events, including names of characters are available in the submission packet download (available from the publisher’s website). The information given for each event should be considered a guide only - not a synopsis.

Payment is $100 per story plus 5% royalty on sales, plus 10 paperback copies

Deadline for submissions is 1st May 2015

Selections will be announced during ComicCon 7th July 2015

Anthology release date will be 3rd November 2015

You can read the full submission guidelines here: http://www.realmwalkerpublishinggroup.com/the-legacy-anthology/



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