Grimdark Magazine: Earn $200 for Grimdark Fantasy Stories

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Grimdark Magazine

Grimdark Magazine is a pro-paying writer’s market seeking short ‘grimdark’ fiction stories. The editors specifically want to see grimdark stories that include dark settings, grey characters of both sexes, morally ambiguous decisions, and plenty of grit.

Ideally, stories should be set in either a medieval fantasy setting or a science fiction setting. If you aren’t sure whether your submission fits within the grimdark sub-genre, read through some back-issues of Grimdark Magazine to learn more about what the editors like.

Word count for previously unpublished stories is set at a strict maximum of 4,000 words. The editors may consider reprints up to a maximum of 6,000 words, but only if the story is not currently available for free online.

Please do not submit multiple submissions or simultaneous to this writer’s market.

Payment for unpublished stories is 7 cents AUD per word, payable via Paypal for international contributors. Australian contributors have the option of receiving payment via Paypal or via electronic funds transfer (EFT). Reprints are paid at 1 cent AUD per word.

($280 AUS is approximately $213 USD or £140, depending on foreign currency exchange rates)

Grimdark Magazine purchases first world-exclusive rights from the date the contract is signed, extending to 12 months after publication date. After this time, all rights revert back to the author. Keep in mind that published stories will continue to be sold in back-issues of Grimdark Magazine.

Initial response times are generally around 6 weeks. Final response times can extend up to 3-6 months, depending on whether the editors believe your story will fit into a particular upcoming issue.

The editors expect all submissions to adhere to their guidelines, so read them carefully before sending anything.

You can see the full writer’s submission guidelines here:

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