Defying Doomsday: Earn $400 for Post-Apocalyptic Stories

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Defying Doomsday Anthology

Defying Doomsday is an anthology strongly focused on characters surviving an apocalyptic event.

More specifically, each story within the anthology should ensure at least one of the protagonists has a disability of some description. The editors encourage characters with physical impairments, life-threatening allergies, chronic illnesses, mental illnesses, and/or neurodiverse characters.

Ideally, stories should show how the character’s disability, condition or illness could impact the character’s life and struggles during a post-apocalyptic event and contending with the collapse of life as they know it. It’s important to show that disabled characters have far more interest stories to tell in post-apocalyptic/dystopian fiction than just being secondary characters.

Preferred plot lines also need to focus on some type of cataclysmic event that characters must endure and survive, whether it’s already happened or about to occur.

The anthology’s editors, Holly Kench and Tsana Dolichva, prefer stories set in the near future. They may also consider some stories set in the far future. Alternate timeline versions of the recent past may also be acceptable.

The editors want to see a variety of stories, including those that are fun, sad, adventurous or horrific.

Please do not submit fantasy. The editors will also not accept stories containing erotica or gratuitous violence. No reprints will be considered. The editors also won’t accept multiple submissions or simultaneous submissions.

Stories submitted to the Defying Doomsday Anthology should be between 3,000 and 7,000 words in length.

Payment is 7 cents per word (USD), payable on publication. Editors are paying for First World Publication Rights, with an exclusivity period of 12 months.

Submissions close 1 July 2015, Australian Eastern Standard Time (30 June 2015, US Pacific Time).

You can see the full writer’s submission guidelines here:



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