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Fantasy Short Fiction Market Listings

Looking for somewhere to submit your short Fantasy stories?
You'll find plenty of markets to choose from below.

Our fantasy market listings are sorted in the following categories.

Pro Paying fantasy markets are listed as paying more than 3 cents per word

Semi-Pro Paying fantasy markets are listed as paying between 1 and 3 cents per word

Low Paying fantasy markets are listed as being from fractions of a cent up to 1 cent per word

Token Paying fantasy markets are listed as paying between $5 and $15 flat rate per story

Non-Paying fantasy markets are listed as paying either exposure, contributor’s copy or advertising space

Keep in mind that many of the lower-paying markets may consider reprinted stories. This could be a great place to search if you're looking to re-sell something that's already been printed elsewhere. Don't discount them just because they pay a little less. They may still provide valid, published homes for your work!

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