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Fantasy Writing Resources
(all resources are listed in alphabetical order)

The Craft of Writing
Author-Network - Good site, offering tips, articles and advice on getting your work out into the market
Fiction Factor - Excellent site! Offers writing tips for all writers, articles on the art and craft of writing, ways to hone and improve writing, tips on getting published, finding an agent, market listings, writing contests, huge writer's resources lists and much more!
Holly Lisle's Pages for Writers - A truly amazing resource - offering "Forward Motion" - articles on writing, Workshops to help improve your writing and much more!
Speculative Romance Online - Great site specializes in sci-fi, fantasy and horror stories with a strong romantic element. Offers articles, tips, reviews, interviews and much more!
Write Directions - Excellent resource site, founded by Beth Mende Conny, including links, articles, writer's classes and much more!
Writer's Manual - brings you tips, techniques, writing resources, informative articles, and more to help you induce, improve, and promote your writing career.
Writing-World - Cluttered site and often painful to navigate - but don't let the banner-jumble put you off. Mostly aimed at non-fiction writers, but plenty of great info for all writers on this huge site.

Writers Associations
Writer's Guild of America

SF & F Writers of America

Horror Writers Association

Romance Writers of America

Erotica Writers Association

American Crime Writers' League

Learning the Industry 
Association of Author's Representatives, Inc (AAR) -- A not-for-profit organization for literary and dramatic agents. Agents with membership to AAR are required to abide by a strict canon of ethics.    Highly recommended by the Preditors & Editors agent watch-dog team. 
Author's Compensation Survey -- This site asks writers to fill in an anonymous survey, asking questions regarding publishing contracts, how each manuscript was sold and by whom, amounts earned for published materials, genres and annual writing income. Good statistical information for those interested in writing revenues. 
Literary Agents.Org -- a great guide for anyone wanting to find a literary agent. Includes lots of articles, tips and hints and agent listings. Very helpful resource
National Writer's Union - The National Writers Union (NWU) is the trade union for freelance writers of all genres who work for American publishers or employers. They offer contract advice and assistance, grievance resolution, a media rates database, health insurance, member education, National Job Hotline, and a quarterly member magazine. Potential employers list contract and freelance jobs for free and deal directly with writers.
Passionate Pen Agent List - Jess has compiled a large listing of agents who accept romantic manuscripts.
Preditors and Editors -- The team at Preditors and Editors are almost self-appointed watch-dogs over the writing and publishing industries. Where possible, they aim at bringing you info on agents, publishers and/or scams aimed at writers.
Publisher's Weekly -- The online version of the printed magazine. Lacking by comparison to the printed version.
USA Today Bestseller List -- A listing of the top 150 books sold in America. Quite narrow minded and limited when considering where else in the world those big-time authors might be boosting sales.
Writer Beware -- The original and best-known 'scam-busters' for writers. Writer Beware is a great resource, watching publishers, agents and scams aimed at writers. Hosted through the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers website.

Coping with Rejection
Dealing With Rejection (article)
Many writers feel as though each rejection letter is deeply personal. Regardless of whether the rejection you receive is a form rejection or a personalized note trying to explain why that publication has chosen not to accept your brain-child - to a writer, the declining editor is the enemy.
Reject Writers - Excellent site, takes a light-hearted look at how other writers cope with rejection.
Rejection Collection -- A place to post your rejections - but let's face it - all writers get rejected, so why cry over an industry norm? Supposedly designed to help writers cope with rejection.

Writer Webs
Professional, inexpensive website design specifically tailored to author and book promotion! - Lee Masterson's 'other' site dedicated to teaching people to take control of their own finances and get out of debt quickly and responsibly. Lee has worked in finance and/or banking for the past 7 years, helping people to control their financial futures!


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