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Articles - Browse through our rapidly expanding fantasy article archives on how to write your fantasy novel today. Be sure to come back often as we are always adding more content.

Our newest additions are:

Fantasy Sub-Genres
by Lee Masterson
In recent times, the term 'fantasy', when regarded as part of an individual genre, generally brings to mind tales of dragons and castles and knights in shining armor - but in truth, the genre as a whole encompasses so much more.

Trilogy Synopses
by Vicki Hinze
How does a writer submit a synopsis for an entire trilogy?

Mythological Creatures
by Lee Masterson
Great listing of mythological creatures to help spark your imagination.

Fantasy Writing Course

NEW! Fantasy is all about the strange, the fantastic, the beautiful and the amazing. Here is your chance to delve into creating a great fantasy novel. This intensive course looks at everything from world building to creating races and cultures, from plotting to characterization, from questing to role playing – you name it, if it’s Fantasy related, we’ll be looking at it, in depth, up close and personal.

Free Fantasy Name Generator

This easy to use Fantasy Name Generator is capable of creating more than 360,000 name combinations with a click of a button. Keep clicking until you find a name you like! (windows users only) This file is zipped, so you will need Winzip to access it. Click here to download

Fantasy Store

We now proudly offer fantasy artwork & posters, statues, figurines and toys for the true fantasy lover.

Fantasy Markets

Can't find a place to submit your short fantasy story? Let us do the research for you. Our Fantasy Market Listings are always being updated, so check again soon.

Fantasy Anthology Listings

Would you prefer to see your fantasy short story included into a collection of similar fantasy short stories? Check out our fantasy anthology listings. We'll keep updating them as often as we can find new markets


Our Fantasy Writer's Bookstore is filled with reference books from best-selling fantasy authors, all designed to help you kickstart your fantasy writing career.

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