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Fantasy Sub-Genres
by Lee Masterson
In recent times, the term 'fantasy', when regarded as part of an individual genre, generally brings to mind tales of dragons and castles and knights in shining armor - but in truth, the genre as a whole encompasses so much more.

Creating Believable Magic
by Tina Morgan
The use of magic is what sets fantasy apart from other genres. So how do you create a believable magic system that works?

Suspending Disbelief
by Dr. Vicki Hinze
What does a writer do when a novel contains an element that requires a serious suspension of disbelief? How exactly does the writer i-ncorporate that element so that the reader buys into the premise?

Determining Genre
by Vicki Hinze
Here's the dilemma: Your novel crosses the boundaries of two genres. Who decides in which genre your book should fit?

Trilogy Synopses
by Vicki Hinze
How does a writer submit a synopsis for an entire trilogy?

Top Eight Rules for Writing Fantasy
by Melissa Kelly
So you want to write a fantasy novel? You love the work of so many fantasy writers and you have a partially formed idea about an elf, a dwarf, and an odd love triangle. Where to begin? The answer is the first of my eight rules for writing fantasy. Enjoy

Fantasy Fiction Writing - Six Cliches to Avoid
by William Meikle
Fantasy fiction is doing good business at the moment, but there are certain situations that have been overplayed. If you're a writer in the fantasy genre, here are 6 clichs you should try to avoid in your stories.

Creating Characters For Your Fantasy World

Creating Animals for Your Fictional World
by Tina Morgan
Filling your world with exciting, scary predators and cute, fluffy creatures can be fun - but it can also require a little research to keep your fictional world from appearing like a comic book.

Aliens and Faeries: Non-Human Characters Acting Badly
by Lee Masterson
A quick guide on making your non-human characters more than just humans in bad masks.

Using Horses in Fiction
by Tina Morgan
Many new writers will use animals in fiction, but few seem to bother to research what that animal is capable of. For anyone wanting to use horses in a story, this article is priceless

Creating Your Fantasy World

World Building 101
by Lee Masterson
We are all masters of our fictional worlds, but how do you create a believable world for your characters to live in?

World Building for Science Fiction and Fantasy
by Tina Morgan
Creating a fictional world can be enormous fun - but it can also be harder than you think!

Writing Fantasy - A Creative Approach to World Building
by Will Kalif
Before you can make your fantasy world come alive in your reader's mind, it first has to come alive in your own mind.

Research Links and Lists

Forms of Government
by Lee Masterson
Many fantasy writers spend plenty of time creating unique and highly detailed worlds for each story - but how many writers take the time to create a suitable form of government to rule their fictional worlds?

Mythological Creatures
by Lee Masterson
Great listing of mythological creatures to help spark your imagination.

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