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Erotic Short Fiction Markets

“A queer literary journal packed with edgy, dangerous, unflinching and lyrical stories and poems.” Welcomes submissions from all writers who “identify as queer, regardless of sex and sexuality.” Stories should be between 2,500 and 4,000 words, and must not have been published elsewhere. Contributors are paid on publication. Contact editor for rates. Writers’ guidelines are available on the website. Contact: Shaun Levin, Editor, Chroma, PO Box 44655, London N16 0WQ

Collective Publishing
Publishers of paperback books of erotic short stories for couples. Want submissions of between 2,000 and 10,000 words involving boy/girl or girl/girl sex. Writers’ guidelines are available online. This is a low-paying market, but a chance to see your work available in UK bookshops.
Address: Collective Publishing, PO Box 474, Fareham PO15 6WZ

Clean Sheets
Fiction editors: Bill Noble and Julia Peters
For fiction, we want intriguing characters, compelling plots, fresh, intelligent perspectives, and sex that sears your motherboard. The best way to catch our drift? Browse our archives, which are open, without cost or password, to everyone.

We want stories that represent the broadest possible range of lifestyles, cultures, red-hot play, and deep emotion. We accept reprints and simultaneous submissions (be sure to tell us when you submit).

We generally publish fiction from 1500-3500 words. Shorter pieces may be submitted to our Exotica section.

Payment is currentyly $25 US and we do provide unlimited links to your work and other publications. Clean Sheets publishes a print anthology series, From Porn to Poetry, and if your work is selected for inclusion, those rights will be negotiated at that time.

Submission Guidelines:

Discipline & Desire
Seeking short fiction up to 4,200 words. Our goal is to provide romantic stories that include spanking, however the plot does not have to revolve around spanking. Theme must be male dominant/female submissive. Pays 1 1/3 cents per word (negotiable for experienced authors.
Submission Guidelines:

The Erotic Review Magazine 
Editor Rowan Pelling

10 issues a year, two double issues summer and Christmas

Up-market literary magazine for sensualists and libertines. Length 1000 words (articles and features), 1000-2000 (short stories). Illustrations: colour and black and white, prints, artwork and cartoons. Payment 50 - 75 (articles and features), 75 to 150 (short stories), 50 (prints and artwork), 40 (cartoons). 
It's very important that you read the magazine before submitting work, as the style of the magazine is quite specific!
No guidelines available online (apparently!)

For the Girls
Seeking erotic contributions from freelancers.
True Confessions between 600-1000 words pays $35 US
Erotic Fiction up to 3000 words pays $30 US
Wicked Ways letters from 500-1000 words pays $25 US
Feature non-fiction articles pays $100 US
Submission Guidelines:

For Women
Monthly magazine of erotic and sex interest for women. Approach in writing in
the first instance. Erotic short stories. Maximum 2000 words. Payment 125.
Zak Jane Keir, Fantasy Publications, 4 Selsdon Way,
London E14 9EL 30
Hips and is seeking freelance copywriters for our monthly newsletter. We are looking for steamy, flash-fiction stories featuring “well-rounded” women and sexy lingerie; especially stories about women who have a positive outlook about their bodies and their sexuality.

What we want:
-- Smart, sexy and short- 500 to 1000 word stories that grab the readers' attention with the first sentence. We want stories that portray a moment in time, a small peek into someone's life, just one issue rather than an entire life history.
-- Steamy without explicit sex- How much sexual tension can you create without using detail-driven, graphic descriptions of sex acts?
-- Curvy Women- Stories involving "well-rounded" women, from the point of view of a full-figured woman or the admirer of a full-figured woman.
-- Lingerie- Since we are a lingerie site, lingerie must be an integral part of the story. -- Use one or two items from our site in a natural and appealing way. Don't say, “He took off her chemise, tossed it on the floor and said he liked her better naked.”
-- Humor- We love humor, so if it works, use it.

What we do not want:
-- Sloppy writing
-- Stories with graphic or hard core sex
-- Work which is discriminatory or biased in nature or tone, which contains bigotry, sexism, racism, violence or libel, involves extreme negativity, pain, degradation, abuse, rape, incest or sex with anyone under the age of 18.
-- Sexually explicit material written by anyone under the age of 18 (or 21 if 21 is the age of majority in your state).
-- Work which is copyrighted in whole or in part to anyone but the author.
-- Work sent in by anyone other than the author.
-- Work which could violate the obscenity laws of any jurisdiction.
Submission Guidelines:

(The) Hot Spot
An erotic fiction periodical whose editor and publisher, Barbara Cardy-Phillips,
provides hints and tips to all budding writers of 'smutty' stories... Full details on

Hustler Fantasies
Hustler Fantasies is a digest-size monthly letters magazine comprised of approximately 12 letters and a fiction piece. Specific categories listed below.

Format: We prefer to receive your manuscript, saved as ASCII or text, on a 3.5 inch floppy disk formatted for Macintosh. Please include a printout. Disks will be returned to contributors. Typewritten manuscripts are acceptable, but must be double-spaced, and the ink must be dark. Handwritten manuscripts are not acceptable.

Length: 3-6 typed, double-spaced pages, or 600 to 1200 words Payment: $25.00 (upon printing)

Hot, fast-paced pornographic letters written in a first-person conversational, confessional style. Thirteen categories: group, trio, oral, anal, kink, B&D, lesbian, voyeur, exhibition, older/younger, straight, phone sex and masturbation/sex toys.

Length: 10-14 typed, double-spaced pages, or 2000-3000 words Payment: $100 (upon printing)

Well-written short stories / "true" experiences written in any style, category or voice. At least two explicit, torrid, steamy sex scenes. Emphasis on plot/storyline.
No bestiality, rape, incest, male homosexuality, sex with minors, simultaneous submissions or excessive wordiness, please!

Submit A Manuscript:
Please include your name, address, social security number and a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Mail to:
Hustler Fantasies
LFP, Inc.
8484 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 900
Beverly Hills CA 90211

In The Buff
In The Buff is a 100 page A5 sized erotic stories magazine which is published every six weeks. It comprises of: a sex diary, erotic fiction, readers letters, interviews and other items of interest to our readers such as forthcoming events etc. There are no photographs at all and we pride ourselves in being a purely literary publication.

Most of our readership is heterosexual but we do cover Bisexuality. Slave and Master, Bondage, Cuckold, wife-watching, group sex, threesomes etc, etc are very welcome. However, we will not publish any stories that involve rape, blood-letting, bestiality, sex with minors – which also includes memories of childhood experiences, or anything else that is illegal. We are not that keen on menstrual blood or scat. We also avoid stories written in the present tense
Letters: Between 800 – 1,500 words. They should be written in the first person (ie " I ") and written in style that sounds true – even if they aren't. We would like to receive more readers letters and you have more chance of seeing your work in print if submitted to this category. Payment 10 on publication.

Fiction: Between 3000 and 5000 words. Well written in the 3rd person (ie "he/she") with a good story line and plot. Payment 20 on publication.

For More Information: To give you an idea of the type of stories and readers letters we publish, please visit our website where you will see a variety of stories that have been accepted.

Peepshow Magazine
Snail-mail: Peepshow Magazine, Paul Fry, 15 North Roundhay, Stechford,
Birmingham B33 9PE.
Peepshow Magazine is a new venture into erotic horror and is looking for short
stories (up to 6,000 words) which can chill the blood and inflame passions,
avoiding the clichd trap of panting virgins and sharp-toothed vampires.
Submissions by post only. Contact: Paul Fry, Editor.

Pink Nighties
Pink Nighties is a quarterly ezine focusing on all sides of love and lust from the psychological to the physiological. We’re looking for inspired and inventive works, so please send us your love stories of candles and wine as well as your tales of lust from handcuffs and threesomes and more. Content will include poetry, short stories, flash fiction, serials, informational articles, opinion pieces, interviews of positive sex industry individuals, and reviews.  To learn about submissions guidelines please visit us at

Scarlet Magazine
We are always looking for new writers and illustrators for our raunchy Cliterature section, as are particularly on the lookout for:

650 word True Confessions - real life reader sex stories
850 word Honest Dirty Fantasies - from men
Sex Bloggers who would like an extract published in the magazine
Only Cliterature stories submitted through the form on the website will be considered. Pay is 50 (UK) per page (approx 650 words a page). Prefers 1,300-2,600 words
Submission Guidelines:

Virgin Publishing Ltd - Black Lace
Snail-mail: Black Lace Guidelines, Virgin Publishing, Thames Wharf Studios, Rainville Road, London W6 9HT.
In addition to full-length fiction, Black Lace publishes roughly two short story collections a year. Unsolicited submissions are welcomed in both formats - but from female authors only. It is also most important to note that if you are intending to submit your manuscript, you should initially obtain a copy of their guidelines. You can do this easily enough by sending an SAE to snail-mail address listed above.

For more in-depth listings for erotica markets, please visit
(listings shown in left-hand frame)


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