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Erotica Publishers

Novels : 30,000 to 40,000 words.
Novellas : 20,000 to 25,000 words.
Seeking submissions suitable for all categories, but also particularly keen to promote the GREEN category. I am particularly looking for Novellas and Novels at this time.

All stories should be plot driven and not just a series of sex scenes with tenuous links. Plots should be imaginative and not afraid to stretch established, or perceived boundaries, or to infringe on other genres such as Sci-Fi, Mythology, Fantasy, Historical, Westerns, Crime or anything else. Excessive crudity of act or language should be avoided.

Submissions including Underage Sex, Bestiality, Incest, Excessive Violence, will not be considered, although non-consensual sex will be considered if in context.

GREEN category.
'Risque romance' with hot, steamy imaginative love lives between hetero, gay or lesbian characters. This category should not stray into the world of BDSM, etc, unless extremely mild. Language should reflect the broad range of readers and overuse of crude, offensive language will result in re-classification.

BLUE category.
Original, imaginative, plot driven hetero, gay, lesbian characters including D/s, BDSM, bondage, etc. All fetishes are enthusiastically welcomed, especially those the imagination has yet to discover.

RED category.
This is the 'anything goes' hardcore classification where the further the imagination stretches the boundaries of credibility the better. Triple XXX rated writing for all lovers of extreme sex. The only constraints are the legal ones.

Submission Guidelines:

Ellora's Cave
Seeking erotica manuscripts that contain well-realized characters and a captivating plot that contains elements of erotica and sexual explicitness. Please read guidelines in full prior to submitting, as the publishing is quite specific about preferences.
Pays 37.5% royalties on ebook downloads and 7% on print books.
Submission Guidelines:

Extasy Books
We are accepting submissions in all the sub-genres of erotica: sensual romance, BDSM, G/L/B and any and all combinations thereof. We do NOT accept works that include sexual abuse of minors under the age of 18 in any form, bestiality, non-consensual sex or BDSM that results in actual physical damage. We will also reject works where individuals are subjected to strangulation or suffocation as part of the sex act, whether self-inflicted or otherwise. Other than that, anything goes.

We need:

  • Teasers - 14,000 - 18,000 words
  • Sizzlers - Novellas - +/- 30 - 45,000 words
  • Full novels/anthologies - 55,000 words and up
  • Royalty Payments: 40% of eXtasy Books' net profits over and above initial expenditures

    We look for solid plots, well-developed settings and characters that are fully three-dimensional. We want originality and professional-level storytelling. History should be well-researched and totally fictional worlds in fantasy and science fiction must be visualized clearly. Get your facts straight.

    What's more, make each sex scene different. Nothing loses a reader's interest faster than having characters do the same thing over and over with only minor variations. Nor, contrary to popular belief, need all sex scenes end in a climax. Interruptions can lead to anticipation, and in the case of erotica waiting can be half the fun.

    Finally, we expect all submissions to be professionally prepared and as free of mechanical errors in punctuation, spelling and grammar as possible.
    Please read full guidelines before submitting.
    Submission Guidelines:

    New Concepts Publishing
    We are currently accepting novella to full novel length books for the following:

    Patriotic Romance -
    Spicy or Erotic short stories to Full length novels (90k), historical through contemporary. These would feature men and women, military or civilian, fighting for freedom, serving their country, finding adventure. Deadline for these promotional stories is June 1st.

    Dark and Dangerous Heroes for Halloween promotions - Spicy or Erotic.
    Short stories to Full length novels (90k) in any setting, time period, or sub-genre. Deadline for these promotional stories is September 1st.

    We’re also looking for Science Fiction/Futuristic or Fantasy Romance, spicy or erotic, any story length, from short stories to full length.

    Spicy or erotic Paranormal Romance in any length or time period, including vampires, werewolves, aliens, fairies, shape-shifters, dragons, ghosts, or humans with ESP, etc.

    Spicy or erotic Romantic Suspense and/or ultra sexy Contemporary Romance in any length.

    BDSM romance
    in any setting, time period, or sub-genre and any length. This MUST be romantic and not degrading or humiliating for either the hero or the heroine for humiliation’s sake.

    Historical Romance
    that focuses on the romance with tightly woven, unique plots, highly developed sexual tension with spicy or erotic love scenes in any length, time period, or place. Unusual time periods are particularly welcome.

    Elements strongly desired in any novel or short story include: edgy, unique plots; strong, believable conflict between the hero and heroine; extreme sexual tension; concise story-telling; combinations of dark, sexy heroes with sassy, humorous heroines; little or no sub-plots.

    Royalties differ from book to book, however, we commonly pay 30% to 40% on direct download sales.

    Please read full guidelines before submitting.

    Submission Guidelines:

    Ocean's Mist Press

    Ocean’s Mist Press is an erotic romance publisher. We look to publish all genres; including fantasy, science fiction, mystery/suspense, vampire/werewolves, romantic comedy, chic lit, paranormal, historical, etc. Let us see stories that are engaging, strong with solid plots and fully developed characters.

    We will be publishing stories in the following lengths: Short Stories (Word Count 5,000 to 15,000) Novella (Word Count 15,000 to 50,000) Novel (Word count 50,000 to 90,000) Royalty rate is 40% of Gross (that's the cover price) for single author titles. As an incentive to OMP authors that sell really well, we offer an extra 5% for titles that sell 100+ copies. So if one given title sells copies from 1-99 you are paid 40% royalties and once the title hits the 100+ mark the royalty fee rate goes up to 45%. And if the title sells over 500+ copies the royalty rate goes up to 50%.

    All manuscripts must contain strong sexual content and/or language that is explicit and leaves nothing to the imagination.

    Please read full guidelines before submitting

    Submission Guidelines:

    Pink Flamingo Publications

    Pink Flamingo Publications publishes in Paperback and Ebook versions, roughly 36 titles per year. We primarily release Bdsm fetish novels, featuring either Female submission/Male domination or Female Domination/Male submission. We also publish some Spanking and General Erotica titles. We do accept a limited number of short story collections.

    We are looking for submissions for the following:
    Novels between 42,000-62,000 words in the Alternative/BDSM (Femdom, Maledom) Spanking or General Fiction categories. (We are not currently accepting totally lesbian of gay male fiction.)
    You may want to include psychological or physical dominance/submission between men and women, or women and women, S&M, bondage, spanking, whipping, masturbation, piercing, anal sex, enemas, orgies and exhibitionism, etc… (you can refer to our catalog descriptions for other content suggestions) Do not include murder mysteries in BDSM storylines, they do not sell well.

    Do not include: bestiality, incest, characters under 18 having sex (even in flashbacks), excrement or snuff. If you have any content concerns, please do not hesitate to query us with your questions.

    Royalties are paid quarterly at rates of 12-15% of retail or wholesale price for paperbacks, and 17-20% of the retail or wholesale Ebook price, whichever applies.

    Submission Guidelines:

    Renaissance E Books
    Sizzler publishes erotica for discriminating adults. Please note: we do not publish pornography! True, there is no universally accepted definition of the word. We equate pornography as sex for sex's sake, with little plot, characterization or literary merit of style or theme. Sizzler submissions should be carefully plotted, well written and feature characters that readers will either love or hate.

    We are actively seeking submissions for the following Sizzler imprints:

    Sizzler Scorchers (mainstream erotica)
    Sizzler Romantica (romantic erotica)
    Sizzler B&D (tales of bondage and submission)
    Sizzler Sappho (lesbian)
    Sizzler Wylde (gay male)
    Sizzler Alternatives (alternative sexualities)
    Sizzler Sexpert (non-fiction)
    Note: All submissions must be free of sexual activity involving children, incest, and bestiality
    Payment is quarterly on a royalties-only basis.

    Submission Guidelines:

    Simply Erotic
    Amira Press is proud to announce its new line,
    Simply Erotic, for those authors and readers over the age of 18.

    Sometimes sex comes before love, sometimes love before sex and sometimes sex is all there is. Amira Press is looking for your hot and spicy stories. Everyone has desires and fantasies that feed their imagination. Paint a picture through your words that will leave readers breathless and wanting more. Share your sinfully wicked delights by submitting to Simply Erotic.

    All stories MUST contain a plot that flows well from beginning to end. Graphic, hot sex is expected and required for this line. Please no m/m, f/f this means no threesome, foursomes or gangbanging please. No stories glorifying rape and illegal acts or sex with minors. BDSM is okay.

    Please submit a short synopsis of your story, a brief statement of your previous writing experience and an outline of your promotional plans in the body of an email to Managing Editor - Erotica, Deborah Herald, at Also, please attach your full manuscript as an RTF or DOC file. Please no adobe or Microsoft Works.

    Submissions should be double-spaced in Times New Roman or other easily read font, 12pt with one inch margins.

    Please follow these guidelines! Submissions that do not adhere to above guidelines will be automatically rejected without being read. Questions regarding submission guidelines should be directed to

    Please edit your submission, checking for misspellings, grammar errors, etc. Remember it is not your editor’s job to rewrite your manuscript for you. Excessive errors could result in rejection.

    Be sure to include your name, pen name and contact information on the first page. Accepted lengths are as follows:

    Short Story: 5000-15000
    Novella: 15000-40000
    Full Length: 40000 - 85000

    ISBNs will be assigned to novella length to full length stories only.
    Please note response time may be up to ninety days during heavy submission times.
    Submission Guidelines:

    Siren Publishing/Bookstrand
    Sirent Publishing is seeking erotica across four different explicitness categories and across a massive range of imprints. Stories must be well written and have an interesting story line, strong conflicts and well-developed characters.
    Manuscripts should be more than 15,000 words up to 85,000 words and should contain red-hot sex scenes that use explicit, adult language that leaves nothing to the imagination.

    Siren Classic - can contain traditional M/F or M/M romance partnerships that end with a 'happily ever after' feeling. No adultery. No dubious consent.

    Siren Allue - M/F, M/M and F/F romance, sexual liaisons with secondary characters who are not involved in a menage or a consensual sharing arrangement and a happily ever after with each other.

    Siren PolyAmour - One woman with two or more men F/M/M+, consensual sharing arrangement, no sexual liaisons with characters outside the mutual relationship and a happily ever after for the heroine with at least two men. No adultery.

    Siren Menage Amour - One woman with two or more men, consensual sharing, not sexual liaisons with characters outside the mutual relationship and a happily ever after for at least three of them together. No adultery.

    Siren Menage & More - One woman with two or more men, sexual relationship, not always committed (flings or temporary are fine), and at a minimum a 'happy for now at least' ending for at least three of the characters together.

    Pays 40% royalty on ebook downloads and 6% of cover price for print books.
    Submission guidelines are quite specific.
    Please read in full prior to submitting.
    Submission Guidelines:

    Tantalizing Tales
    We publish super-erotic books, romantic erotica and what we call mainstream sexy. Our super-erotics contain lots of good, graphic love scenes and/or just-plain-sex scenes with the action described in detail—but without the use of common street vernacular. We consider a purveyor of a gentle, pleasure-giving kind of erotica, so no bestiality, no spanking/hitting/bondage, pedophilia, necrophilia, rape or violence. Offers up to 35% royalty on all ebooks sold. Full guidelines at website.
    Submission Guidelines:

    Venus Press
    Venus Press specializes in erotic fiction, be it erotic romance or
    pure erotica. We publish all sub-genres, including fantasy, science
    fiction, suspense, historical, etc. The story must be engaging, with
    a solid plot and fully realized characters.

    At this time, we are interested in quick eroticas (5000 to 9,999
    words), short stories (around 10,000-18,000 words), novellas (around
    19,000-30,000 words), category length novels (around 31,000-45,000
    words), and novel length works (46,000 to 80,00 words).

    More info at:!




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