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E Publishers

Please note that this list is by no means exhaustive, there are many, many e-publishers out there. We have not listed subsidy publishers (to the best of my knowledge) and have chosen those companies that appear genuinely interested in fiction. This list will doubtless continue to grow as time for research permits.
Please check guidelines in full at websites wherever possible. Markets come and go very quickly, requirements change, they sometimes close to submissions, or become overstocked in some areas. Accuracy is not always possible under the circumstances.

Atlantic Bridge Publishing
Accepts Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Mystery, Time Travel, Paranormal, along with Celtic (fiction or non-fiction) or poetry (not erotica). Pays 55% royalties on downloads.
Submission Guidelines:

Crowsnest Books
Best known for their science fiction, fantasy and horror fiction, but also accepts Sex & shopping novels, adventure, crime, thrillers, biographies, history, romance, manuals, guides and cook books. Pays 40% royalties on downloads
Submission Guidelines:

Looking especially for known writers and recently out-of-print material. Pays 20% commission on sales. Paid on 25th of each month.
Submission Guidelines:

Dark Angel Publishing
Dark Angel Publishing is an ebook publisher and bookseller requesting works of 26,000 to 100,000 words of romance fiction and any dark romance subgenre, including gothic romance, historical romance, paranormal, contemporary and mystery.

All submissions must include a romance element. Our genres range from a nice contemporary to suspenseful thrillers. (No erotica, please)

We do not charge for publication nor do we charge for editing or proofreading. Author receives 50% of sale and an advance upfront.

We first want to see a professional query letter, which includes the genre of your manuscript, and a synopsis (1-2 pages) don’t forget to include your name, email address, and phone number in the right-hand corner of your manuscript.

We will let you know whether we want to read the entire manuscript or the first three chapters within 1 month of receiving your query. Please feel free to get back with us after this time frame, if you haven't heard from us.

Submission Guidelines:

Dead End Street Publications
Accepts submissions of both poetry and prose (as well as the multitude of genres therein)
Actively promoting themselves as "Alternative Publishers" - Displaying erotica titles on front page. Pays 10%-40% royalties.
Submission Guidelines:

DiskUs Publishing Accepts most genres (no erotica) Pays 40% royalties on downloads
Submission Guidelines:

Specifically seeking women authors, but accepting most types of fiction fiction. Pays 45% royalties on downloads
Submission Guidelines:

Echelon Press
Print and electronic format. Seeking subs in Romance (and all sub-genres), Light horror, science fiction, fantasy and Mystery/suspense.
Submission Guidelines:

Emperor's New Clothes Press
ENC is open to submissions of new, fresh, politically incorrect, entertaining fiction. We publish offbeat, well-written novels too rich and nuanced for mass-market publishers. Our specialty is sharp, well-plotted, entertaining fiction, driven by engaging characters.
Submissions Guidelines:

Primarily seeking works in science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, horror, mystery, romance, action/adventure, mainstream literary, and humor categories. Pays 30% royalties on downloads but they only accept established authors.
Submission Guidelines:

Flame Books
Seeking novels and short story compilations. Prefers literary type works. No crime, science fiction, horror or fantasy. Pays approximately 10% royalty.
Submission Guidelines:

Hard Shell Word Factory
Seeking Romance (all categories), Mystery & Suspense, Action & Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Western, Historical, Mainstream, Young Adult and Children's books.
Submission Guidelines:

HyperTech Media, Inc.
Accepting all genres (no pornography, please). Specializing in Children's interactive mdeia.Pays 30% royalties on downloads
Submission Guidelines:

Lionhearted Publishing
Specializing in romance novels. Pays 10% royalty on paperbacks, 20% on e-books
Submission guidelines:

LTD Books
We are looking for historical and contemporary romance, romantic suspense, mystery, historical, horror, fantasy, and science fiction. No erotica. Pays royalty of 30% of the retail download price for each electronic copy.
Submission Guidelines:

Accepts gay and lesbian fiction. All genres welcomes, but
submissions must have a romantic slant. No gore or pornography.
Royalties paid: 50%
Submission Guidelines:

New Concepts Publishing
Accepts Futuristic, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Paranormal, Historical, Time Travel, Young Adult, Contemporary, Suspense, Category (for Category Duets line), Mystery, Mainstream, non-fiction, children's, Nostalgia (1900-1979), Western and Thriller. Pays $.50 to $1 per download sold directly from their site.
Submission Guidelines:

Silver Lake Publishing
Newly established, prompt responses at this time. Accepts science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, thriller, historical, romance, literary, et cetera. Cross-genre works are welcome.
Submission Guidelines:

Sunny Side Up Publishing
SunnySide Up Publishing is accepting submissions for fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children's stories, romance, and more. Please read guidelines in full before submitting.
There are NO SUBMISSION OR PUBLISING FEES! and we do not require any exclusive rights. Come check us out! We are a family friendly e-publishing website, online store and more.
Submission Guidelines:

Writer's Exchange E-publishing
Author will receive 60% of the retail download price if Author provided the work complete. If Writers Exchange E-Publishing is required to complete any cover-art on the Author's behalf the royalties to the Author will drop to 50% to allow 10% to be paid to the cover artist. For illustrated books the author royalties will drop to 40% to allow 20% to the cover artist.
Submission Guidelines:

XC Publishing
providing high-quality fantasy, science fiction, romance, mystery, historical, adventure, cross-genre novels and selected nonfiction. Pays 40% royalties.
Submission Guidelines: