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Guide to Literary Agents

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Editors and Agents
This section is devoted to articles about literary agents, editors and how to find the best of both!

How to Find the Right Literary Agent for Your Book
by Debra Koontz Traverso
Debra takes a look at ways to find - not only an agent - but how to find the RIGHT agent to represent you and your book

How To Get Noticed by Editors And Publishers: Make Your Strengths Shine
by Shelley Wake
To be a successful writer and get noticed, being good often isn’t good enough. You have to shine. You have to have something that puts you above all others. Of course though, nobody is perfect. Everyone has faults and flaws. But everyone has talents and abilities too. What’s your talent?

Why You Need an Agent (Except When You Don't)
by Scott Nicholson
If you’re to believe the respected elders of the field who broke in twenty or thirty years ago, finding an agent should be on the bottom of any new writer’s priority list. With all due or undue respect, that advice simply isn’t as valid in the twenty-first century.

All You Need to Know About Agents - For Now!
by Sophfronia Scott
Five things you should consider when searching for the right literary agent for your book.

Why Editors Reject Manuscripts
by Dr. Vicki Hinze
By knowing some of the valid reasons why editors reject manuscripts, a writer can greatly improve his or her chances of getting published. Vicki looks at some of the things you can do to minimize your chances of receiving a rejection letter.

An Editor's View: Why Manuscript are Rejected
by Sharon Good
Knowing what an editor doesn't want to see can help you to beat the slushpile, and perhaps even attract his attention to your work!

How to Impress An Editor - And How to Mark Yourself as An Amateur
by Lee Masterson
There are some steps every writer should take to ensure an editor sees him as a professional author - and there are some steps that can mark you as an amateur immediately

Attracting An Editor's Attention
by Alexander Craghead
Many newer writers lament the fact that it is difficult to get that first "published credit" to add to their portfolios. However, once you know what an editor is looking for, the odds are suddenly stacked in your favor.

What is a Literary Agent?
by Tina Morgan
Learn what you should look for in an agent before you send out your manuscript.

Beware of Sharks
by Tina Morgan
When entering into the world of publishing, know more than your market, know who you are querying.

Do You Really Need an Agent?
by Lee Masterson
It seems no one in the publishing industry is accepting unagented manuscripts these days. But there are ways to attract the attention of an editor on your own, without having an agent.

Where Agents Hide Out - (for Screen Writers)
by Lenore Wright
Finding the right agent for your screen-play is easy with this listing of helpful sites and tricks to attract their attention.


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