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Anyone can write a book - but it takes something special to create a best-seller
Write a Best Selling Novel!
Lee Masterson's step-by-step guide can show you how!

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  Writing Courses

NEW! -
How to Beat Writer's Block - and Have Fun Writing from Now On!
Have you ever wanted to shut out your pesky Inner Critic and just enjoy the pure creativity of writing? It's easier than you think - once you know how. Presented by a best-selling author of more than 30 published novels, Holly Lisle will guide you through breaking Writer's Block, re-connecting with your Muse, learn to get past what was stalling you in the first place and enjoy writing again.
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Fantasy Writing Course
Fantasy is all about the strange, the fantastic, the beautiful and the amazing. Here is your chance to delve into creating a great fantasy novel. This intensive course looks at everything from world building to creating races and cultures, from plotting to characterization, from questing to role playing – you name it, if it’s Fantasy related, we’ll be looking at it, in depth, up close and personal.

Writing Great Horror Novels!
Join this excellent course and learn what it takes to write, publish and sell great horror novels! Limited spaces available - be quick!
(This link will take you to Horror Factor)

Thriller Writing Course.
Learn how some of the masters of the modern thriller get readers' spines tingling. Masters like John Grisham, Michael Crichton, James Paterson, Patricia Cornwell and more. Join our thriller course today and get your thriller career up and running.

Romance Writing Course.
Increase your chances of writing a great romance manuscript and having it accepted for publication. Join our romance course today and launch your romance writing career! (
This link will take you to Romance Factor)

ScreenPlay Writing Course
Ever wanted to see your story up on the big screen? It's a lot easier than you think! Join our screenwriting course today and learn to write a great screenplay, find out how to sell it and launch your scriptwriting career.

Self-Editing Course
Written by an editor, this amazing package can show you how to polish your work to a professional standard that will make editors stand up and take notice. Learn what editors look for in a manuscript. Course material includes the following bonuses - yours to keep. Ebook 1 "Doing the Write Thing: The Easy Way to Self-Edit", ebook 2 "The Elements Of Style", ebook 3 "The Easy Way to Write Queries" and the popular 10 part e-course "Becoming a More Professional Author".

Write Your Own Autobiography
Have you ever wanted to write the story of your life? It's a lot easier than you think! Turn your life story into a manuscript to love and cherish, or even sell to publishers!

Journaling Course
Take this unique opportunity now to learn how you can use your personal writing journal to improve your writing in all areas, how it can banish writers' block and improve your storytelling and characterization skills. Conducted by a best-selling author, don't miss your opportunity


30 Best-Sellers in 3 Years!

Brilliant New Course by Nick Daws will show you how to write any book in 28 days or less - Guaranteed!

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