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Rights and Copyrights
This section is devoted to articles on copyright and protection of intellectual property.

Things You Might Like to Know About Copyrights
by Jan K, The Proofer
Jan K looks at when your work is copyrighted and what portions of the same work might still not belong to you!

That Was My Idea!
by Lee Masterson
How do you protect your ideas from theft? What do you do if someone takes your idea and publishes it before you do? This article takes a look at plagiarism of ideas.

Copyright - How Easy Is It to Protect Your Work?
by Jim Wilson
In this article, Jim explains copyright and as a basic overview, looks at the reasons why you would copyright their work and list types of work that can be copyrighted.

Copyright Those Documents
by Jill Black
A basic guide to copyrighting

Plagiarism: What It Is and How to Avoid It
by Krista Barrett
This article provides the necessary steps to avoid plagiarism - a MUST READ for all writers

Writer's Rights
by Tina Morgan
Do you know which rights are rightfully yours? What rights should you protect? Which ones do you give away? This article looks at your rights as a writer.

Securing Film Rights to Published Material
by Lenore Wright
Have you ever wanted to turn a great book into a film? Lenore looks at ways to secure the film rights.


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