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Creating Conflict & Sustaining Suspense
This section is devoted to articles targeted towards articles about the emotional side of any story - the conflict and suspense levels!

by Vicki Hinze
How fast - or how slow - do you pace the action and intensity in your novel? Vicki looks at ways to change the pace of your story to keep reader interest at peak levels!

Conflict in Fiction
by Tina Morgan
Inserting conflict into your fiction is not quite as simple as inserting a fist-fight into the storyline. Conflict in fiction can be as diverse and as individual as you are. It can also be used effectively to heightened tension and increase suspense.

Creating Conflict and Sustaining Suspense
by Lee Masterson
Conflict is the driving force behind all good fiction. Without it, there is no story. Here are some tips on creating conflict and sustaining suspense.

Developing Conflict
by Dr. Vicki Hinze
Every good story needs a good conflict - but do you know what kind of conflict your novel needs and how to create it?

Basic Ingredients for Romantic Suspense
by Cheryl Wright
When writing romantic suspense, it pays to do a little homework before you begin!

How to Hook Your Readers - Right From the Start
by Shawn Scarber
A good hook is more than just an opening sentence, it can set the tone for your entire story. It imparts just enough information to make your readers want to know more.

How to Keep Them Reading, Part 1
by Tina Morgan
Without a little suspense, your story will be as boring as a grocery list. Find out how to build anticipation in your novel.

How to Keep Them Reading, Part 2
by Tina Morgan
Inserting a measure of tension into your story can heighten the drama, create suspense and highlight your character's personality. Here are some ways to introduce tension into your work.

Elements of Aversion: What Makes Horror Horrifying?
by Elizabeth Barrette
Why do we find thrillers thrilling? What makes horror so horrifying? And how does a writer capture that spine-tingling feeling?