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Write a Kid's Book in 14 Days
Write a Children's Book in 14 Days

Write Children's Books


Top 10 Reasons to Write Children's Books
by Samantha Pearce
Writing children's books can release your imagination and encourage young people to enjoy reading. But there are many more good reasons you should write children's books too.

4Traits of Successful Children's Book Writers
by Laura Backes
There's a big different between wanting to see your name on a book and building a successful publishing career.

The Difference Between Middle Grade & Young Adult
by Laura Backes
Is your book right for middle graders or for young adults? Knowing your market before you begin pitching your manuscript to agents and publishers can help you make the right choices for your submissions.

Stopping Readers in Their Tracks
by Laura Backes
If you love books, you can probably think of several occasions when you've been stopped in your tracks by a unique turn of phrase or a magical description. "How did the author do that?" you wonder. This article discusses that vital question.

How to Write Horror For Children
by Sarah Todd
Children are still learning to cope with their own strengths and fears but a common thread of mild horror themes in many children's stories can help them to cope and gain empowerment.

A Crash Course in Submitting a Manuscript
by Laura Backes
While the submission process may feel like second nature to experienced writers, it's easy to forget that newcomers aren't aware of the specific procedures. And since everyone can benefit from a refresher course now and then, here's a rundown of the steps:

Hook Your Readers With Tension
by Laura Backes
Tension. Without it, life would be--let's face it--boring. So would fiction. Tension works with conflict to raise the emotional level of the text to a boiling point. It forces the reader to become invested in the story.

What Are Your Chances Of Getting Published?
by Laura Backes
Most beginning children's writers are curious about their chances of ever seeing their work in print. What are your chances?

Teaching Versus Preaching
by Laura Backes
When writing for children, it's very tempting to use fiction as a vehicle for teaching important life lessons. And while there's nothing wrong with this, the author's desire to impart wisdom earned from years of experience can easily become heavy-handed.

Writing in Rhyme
by Laura Backes
Dr Seuss did it, and in the process changed the face of the publishing industry and became a beloved household name to children for several generations. So why do so many editors say they don't want stories written in rhyme?

A Sprinkle of Sparkle
by Jill McDougall
It’s your worst nightmare. The editor at Blockbuster Publishing has sent you an email. She’s read your manuscript and she likes it but there’s one small problem (and this is where you stop breathing), your story needs more … sparkle.

What's In a Name?
Harry Potter, Huckleberry Finn and, er… Hubert Gribble

by Jill McDougall
Names affect how the reader responds to a character. Here are important points you need to consider when choosing characters’ names.

Writing Book For Kids Who (Think They) Hate to Read
by Laura Backes
Let's face it - some kids just don't like to read! But if you can work just three of the excellent elements Laura offers in this article into your book, it will have a good chance of being loved by all kids - even those for whom reading is a chore!

Understanding Children's Writing Genres
by Laura Backes
Laura offers a definitive glossary of children's publishing genres.

Editing Secrets
by Laura Backes
Laura takes a look at what steps to take to make your children's book GREAT!

Straight Talk About Animals
By Laura Backes
Filling your children's book with talking animals made easy!

Throw Obstacles at Your Characters
by Laura Backes
Creating real, empathetic characters for children's books.

Characters and Viewpoint
by Laura Backes
Telling your story from the right point of view can be crucial to your story.

Turn Personal Struggles into Books for Children
by Laura Backes
Creating something positive from a time of personal crisis.

How Authors Get Paid
by Laura Backes
How is the royalty income derived from a book sale? Find out in this article.

Turning Ideas into Books
by Laura Backes
How do you know if your amazing book idea really has what it takes to become a novel-length work? This article looks at expanding and making the best use of ideas!

Writing a Bulletproof Article Query
by Laura Backes
Most magazine editors prefer authors send them a query letter rather than the entire article.


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