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The Writing Business
Like it or not, writers are self-employed people. In order for any business to survive, it is important to focus on the growth of the business - and of course - the cash flow!
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by Dr. Vicki Hinze
Many writers are unaware of the amounts of money they can reasonably expect from each book sale. Dr Vicki Hinze looks at some things writers need to consider when dealing with royalties

How Author Royalties Are Calculated
by Stephen L. Nelson
If you’re going to make a living by writing books, you need to understand how a book royalty gets calculated.

by Dr. Vicki Hinze
So what kind of advance can you expect from your publisher, once you've sold your manuscript? Vicki Hinze looks at a rough rule of thumb that might help.

Book Advances, Royalty Checks & Making a Living as a Writer
by Adriann Ranta
Few writers know what kind of payment to expect once a novel has gone under contract at a publishing house. Money is a frustratingly taboo subject and the sources for authors trying to get educated on book advances and royalties are scant.

Sell-Throughs and Other Important Stuff
by Dr. Vicki Hinze
What is a sell-through and how will it affect your writing career?

If You Really Want to Quit Your Day Job - Get a Strategy!
by Tracy Cooper-Posey
You may think you’re doomed to be a working stiff for the rest of your natural because the chances of being picked up by a publisher are anorexic, and if you did win the lottery, you still have to hit the best seller list first time out of the gate, or you’re dead again.

The Writer's Website - Getting Paid!!
by Lee Masterson
Accepting credit cards for your books is easier than you think! This list of third-party merchant accounts could be just what you need to begin accepting credit cards on your website today!

The 10 Components of a Writer's Business Plan
by Beth Mende Conny
Like it or not, freelance writers are self-employed business people, and in order to succeed, you will need a businessplan.

How Authors Get Paid (This link will take you to Children's Fiction Factor)
by Laura Backes
How is the royalty income derived from each book sale? How do authors get paid? Find out in this article.
(Written for a Children's Writing audience, but pertinent to all authors)

Where's the Money: How Internet BookSellers Work
By Daniel J. Reitz Sr - President and Senior Editor of Mundania Press
Many authors might wonder how a book could possibly show up for sale on Amazon as a "Used Book" when it was never sold as new in the first instance! Daniel kindly looks at how this works from the publisher's perspective

Increase Your Writing Income Series

Take Advantage of International Currency
by Lee Masterson
Foreign Currency Exchange Rates have the power to either potentially increase your writing income - or drastically reduce it!

You're Not a Writer. You're a Business
by Lee Masterson
"Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money." Let's change the rules and build your writing business to include profits!

Writer's Health

Computer Eye Strain & how to Reduce It
by Tina Morgan
A lot of people say they're going to write a book but when it comes time to apply their fingers to the keyboard, they just don't follow through. Why not?

Is Your Computer Hurting You? Tips for Reducing RSI
by Tina Morgan
The dream to write full time for a living never seems to include the very things that could stop you achieving that goal! It's time to take care of your professional self!

Tax Tips for Writers!

Profit Vs. Pleasure: IRS Rules Strict on Losses
by Julian Block
When does a hobby income become a bad thing? And when should you be claiming losses on your writing? Take a look at these tips and find out!

Estimated Taxes: Another Deadline Coming Up
by Julian Block
With each tax deadline looming, Julian offers more tips to watch for when lodging your next tax forms.

Filing Time Reminders for Freelancers
by Julian Block
A handy list of tips and things to remember when you file your next tax return

Better Tax Breaks for Freelancers
by Julian Block
Need ways to minimize the amount of tax you pay on your writing income? Here are some tips to show you how!

Award Winning Writers, Artists and Photographers are Losers Under the Tax Laws
by Julian Block
Is there any point in earning big money without knowing some ways to help you keep it in your own pocket? Take a look at these tax tips for writers.

How Long to Keep Records
by Julian Block
Just because you received a refund does not mean you can forget about an audit. Hang on to receipts, canceled checks, and whatever else might help support income, deductions, exemptions and other items on your return.


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